Exclusive Lair Gameplay Video: Shows Sixaxis in Action

Actual gameplay video from upcoming PS3 title Lair. This video recorded July 28th in Tapei shows a man playing what appears to be a final build of the game. Wether it is a demo or the full retail version is unclear but the video lets you see some of the ways you will have to manuever the sixaxis to get a your point across in this game. Enjoy.

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felidae3923d ago

this looks amazing - even in bad quality.

nasim3923d ago

LAIR is such an eye candy.

I am definitely getting this on DAY 1 on 14th august.

cant wait

Lightning Mr Bubbles3923d ago

EGM reviewed Lair 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, I think it's a hit or miss with Lair since the Gameplay is so Sixaxis heavy. EGM didn't like that and just gave it a shame of the month type score. I think the game will be more in the 7.0's overall. I think EGM just hates Sixaxis. If Lair fails it's gonna be because of the Sixaxis the graphics look great.

hazeblaze3923d ago

Yea and Lair has also got two 9's from other editorials.

The EGM editors likely did not get used to using the sixaxis controls... they said they were brilliant in some places and frustrating in others.

Of course, it still hasn't been proven that those reviews were even real... considering that the magazine isn't even out yet!

Ju3922d ago

and the video don't match. Even if the video quality is bad, you can see the details in the environment. The fighting scenes don't slow down a bit, the action looks intense. Even if EGM doesn't like the game, there is no reason not to respect the extraordinary visual appearance of the game (incl. its performance - except there is a huge glitch in the game which is not in the video). We'll see if the rating is fake or truth.
I think I'll get this. It's something new. And it's not a shooter (well, that alone gives a 1 minus point in a review, usually).

Huddymonster3922d ago

That rating by EGM is fake because the magazine for that game doesnt ship for another 9 days.

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ShiftyLookingCow3923d ago

The graphics look great but I am hoping we can play without the sixaxis as it seems sort of "frustrating"

TheExecutive3923d ago

well, there isnt any way to play without the tilt, unless you are on the ground. It may be a little frustrating at first but i bet when you get used to it you wouldnt want it any other way.

btw... this game looks great. cant wait for this title... only a few weeks away.

timmyp533923d ago

can't wait to use the motion controls!

hotshot12373923d ago

and im sure there not gonna just focus on graphics and they know people may think that the gamplay wont be there but they will get it done. the controls look so fun. if i have the money, its a day one purchase bcuz i think the story will be good too