The 5 Most Underrated PS3 Games

The PlayStation 3 has some great exclusives, but not all great exclusives get the same attention as a God of War 3 or Uncharted 2 would. Below are some of the most underrated PS3 exclusives that are top notch and shouldn’t be overlooked

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GWAVE2700d ago

Interesting list. The PS3 certainly has a lot of underrated gems (well, what system doesn't?)

I would have had Folklore on there, too.

Raf1k12700d ago

Yeah I would too and I'm surprised it's not on the list.

Desz2700d ago

I'll add it, just for you Gwave. The reviews are actually in the 9's, wow. Came out this year, I overlooked it. I guess it's a true underrated and sleeper hit.

rdgneoz32699d ago

Folklore came out a while ago. Such a fun game and very underrated. You have to search for copies now to be able to find them, I've only seen it once or twice around my area, and I bought the first one I found.

nix2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

it deserves to be there! great game! amazing game!

EDIT: Demon's Souls though underscored it got all the attention it deserved. even without much (or none at all) ad/promos, it won the hearts and minds of lots of gamers. not those wimpy ones. q;

it breaks my heart to see Heavenly Sword not getting all the attention it should have got. it was easily an AAA game with high quality animation and graphics including the CG movies. it may have been a bit short but it didn't stretch it either.

i feel sorry for the other games too.

and warhawk. how can one forget that?

Marceles2699d ago

Good list, I own all of these games

I guess the order is arguable, but Heavenly Sword probably upset me the most at how underrated it was and how much it was nitpicked when it first came out. We'd probably have a Heavenly Sword 2 by now if the game wasn't so underrated.

Folklore was awesome too, other than Heavenly Sword and Warhawk it was one of my favorite games to use Sixaxis to pull the souls out

Aphe2699d ago

I saw Heavenly Sword the other day for £5, I was going to get it but got Tiger Woods 2009 instead (fancied a game of golf with a couple of mates who have it). But I might pick it up at the weekend, quite a few people I know have said it's pretty good.

GrandTheftZamboni2699d ago

For Canadians: Folklore finally down from $60: $20 at Future Shop:

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fOrlOnhOpe572699d ago

the first real taster of how good a PS3 title could be and look. Come on Sony, sort out a trophy patch and/or a sequel - preferably by bringing NT back into the fold as a 1st party developer.

ThanatosDMC2699d ago

I saw Heavenly Sword for $19.99 at Fry's Electronics today. I know, i have Folklore in my stack somewhere... i just never touched it.

callahan092699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I don't think a lot of these are under-rated. Flower, Motorstorm, Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles were all very highly praised games. If by under-rated, you mean under-sold in comparison to their quality, then yes I would have to agree (except maybe in the case of Motorstorm, which if I recall actually did sell quite well). But if under-rated is a reference to review scores, then really the only one here that I could agree with is Heavenly Sword. For me, the most under-rated PS3 game is easily MAG. I love it to death. Such an epic scope and scale, no two battles alike, all out warfare between tons of players, dynamic objectives, humongous maps, customization, no lag at all. It's so impressive. I don't understand why it only averages in the 70's. It's an easy 90 percent from me.

My list would be more like this:

5. Disgaea 3
4. 3D Dot Game Heroes
3. Heavenly Sword
2. Folklore
1. MAG

And I've got to give an honorable mention to Warhawk. Such a well-balanced, well-designed game with awesome maps and content. So much fun. It was definitely my all-time favorite multiplayer game for about a year after it released. It could have been better-reviewed in my opinion. Most of the critics just bitched about it not having a campaign, despite that it contained more than enough content to be worth the 40 dollars they were charging, and could easily provide hundreds of ours of consistent multiplayer fun for anyone that got interested in it.

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sikbeta2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

It sold More than 3m, did pretty well to be "underrated", Uncharted got More Attention than all those Games in the List Together :P


5·Flower - OK
4·MotorStorm Series - I'd Put MotorStorm:Pacif Rift, that Game is So much Better than The First...
3·Heavenly Sword - This Game is Great, really underrated
2·Demon Soul - ? - This Game had a [Niche] Status in The East and Was difficult to Get, it was released here and It has Great Support, Folklore is definitely the most underrated...
1·Valkyria Chronicles - The Best Tactical RPG, really underrated

SOAD2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Demon's Souls is not underrated. It got good reviews. I would argue that it's overrated. Just today, I put it up for sale on Amazon. If anyone wants to buy it from me, PM me.

I don't like the game because it feels lonely and it is too damn hard.

dinkeldinkse2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Because it is not that hard at all.

@Donny No one could have said it any better than that.

Donny2699d ago

demons souls will crush the unexperienced gamer.

vickers5002699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

It's "inexperienced", not unexperienced.

SOAD2699d ago

consider me crushed. I had to play through the first land (castle level) 15 times. It's not for me.

nix2699d ago

it's not hard. you just need to keep your eyes open and not let your mind wander... that's all. it'll make a man out of you... trust me. it took me around 90 hours to finish the game, stretched over two months. it is scary as hell though.

Lombax2699d ago

It just doesn't treat gamers like a 5 year old with a frontal lobotomy.

I enjoyed the shit out of DS and I passed the first level without dying once. Not that hard to be honest. Some later levels will crush you, but that just means your doing something wrong. I died quite a few times before learning the correct places to wear the thiefs ring. ;)

jagstatboy2699d ago

LMAO at the 2 people who disagreed with you and think unexperienced is a word.

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rdgneoz32699d ago

It got good reviews, but some people are put off by playing hard games these days. Though Demon's Souls will hand you your ass repeatedly and make you cry (I did when I upgraded my hard drive and tried restoring the data from my old one to get the demon's souls' save file, only to get error after error and have to start a new game...)

ThanatosDMC2699d ago

Try again at a later time. Start with the knight class for better equipment. Farm the blue knights if you have to then just go back to the Nexus till you're comfortable enough. Fight the red knight on the right tower for 2000-3000 souls but be careful since he can kill you with one or two hits. So make sure you used the souls to level up.

Hit and run tactics may not work since he can heal himself up and chase after you like crazy.

Aphe2699d ago

I waited until I was a good level before I took the red knight on, he used to kick my ass every time.

@Soad, obviously it's just not your thing dude. The game takes a bit of patience to get through, and after a while it's not that hard. Every time you die it really is your fault, you make a wrong decision or misstime a counter-attack but it's a very fair game and you get used to it.

I loved every minute of it personally but I can see it's not going to click with some gamers.

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dinkeldinkse2699d ago

Awesome multiplayer that has been overlooked by a lot of people.

xHarvey2699d ago

Warhawk doesn't die. Log in and there's plenty of people to play with. Really impressive for a game that came out in 2007. Multiplayer can die out pretty fast for some titles.

ThanatosDMC2699d ago

They still have a strong following and they have competitions.

Megahurtz19862699d ago

Still play Warhawk all the time. One of the best multiplayer games out

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halojunkie2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

demons souls seems hard at first, but it really evaluates your TRUE GAMING SKILL. demons souls has no sympathy for those who are ignorant.

SOAD2699d ago

It's not about being ignorant. It's about putting aside years and years of forgiving games with hand-holding gameplay in favor of a slow and tedius skirmish through a dark and friendless level. some people don't like that kind of shit. after playing the game for 10 hours and progressing only to the second land, I decided it's not for me.

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