FFXIV and why you should care

MyGaming takes a look at the upcoming Final Fantasy MMO

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Newtype2940d ago

Cool how PC and PS3 users can play together.

Chris3992940d ago

it's the first major, commercial, current-gen MMO on a console since XI.

And it looks very, very pretty too :) I'm a sucker for the "shiny".

Will be getting this for sure. Hope it's out in the fall.

I would also add that apparently this is more solo friendly that XI (which wasn't soloable at all with any degree of sense). Yes, I realize MMOs are 'social' experiences, and while I do indeed engage in much chatter and grouping, the bulk of leveling and questing I do alone, simply because it's faster and more convenient than grouping for.

So it's nice to hear that this is a viable option in XIV.

Reibooi2940d ago

A few years ago SE added a system into Final Fantasy XI called Fields of Valor which allowed players to go solo and gain exp from doing little mini quests.

Final Fantasy XIV seems to be using a more in depth and diverse version of this system and they are calling it Guildleves. It seems to me the game will be about the same in terms of needing to party but with the Guildleves system it will allowing players to solo from the start if they so wish.

Crystallis2940d ago

I just want my lvl 75 dragoon Rei...LOL

AAACE52939d ago

It's a MMO and they charge a monthly fee to play! That's OK! I'd rather play other stuff anyway. But you guys go ahead and have fun!

ruiner44822939d ago

LOL! I never understood this hate for the monthly fee. When you play an MMO more than likely if you like it, that will become your sole source of entertainment for a looooooong time. When I played FFXI I never bought or played any other game really. Same thing when I was playin EQ back in the day.

The whole point of an mmo is to keep you playing month after month. They usually update content consistently throughout the year, well with a large company like SE, and Blizz.

granthinds2940d ago

Great article. The genre of the JRPG is under fire at the moment and it's refreshing to see another opinion.

Darkfiber2940d ago

I don't think I'd want to play with a PS3 user as 90% of them don't have a mic, and 99% of them don't have a keyboard. MMOs are about communication, so why would they release an MMO on the platform with the least amount of communication? I think I'll go with TERA instead.

T9X692940d ago

It really does suck how few people on PS3 don't have headsets. Lately though on the games I play, its slowly picking up. Still chances are if I enter a game with lets say 16, only about 6 of them at most will have mics. It really sucks to because trying to play games that involve teamwork is a pain when you have idiots running around with no head sets :/

brazilianbumpincher2940d ago

could you show me where you got your percentages from,i want to read that article seems interesting

blumatt2940d ago

I wouldn't say 90% of us don't. I'd say it's closer to about 50/50. Seems more accurate. Also, I'm just glad we don't have to use proprietary headsets. We have so much more freedom when it comes to our console. I can use ANY standard usb headset or bluetooth headset. And don't even get me started on proprietary harddrives on the 360. lol There was no excuse for the new 360s not coming with standard hdd's. That was their opportunity to play nice with the consumer and they gave us the big middle finger.

RosoTron362940d ago

and I can guarantee you that people who play MMOs on a console will have a keyboard. If they don't, they usually get them within a month.

Spenok2939d ago

Very true, hell when i bought XI for my PS2 when it launched i bought a keyboard the next day. I couldny play w/o one lol

Crystallis2940d ago

90%? where did you pull that number from? Im guessing about 50% of ps3 users have mics.

Graey2940d ago

I played the first FF MMO on PS2. loved that game by the way, honestly the only thing to come close to it was Vanguard...concept wise anyway.

That being said I used a keyboard all the time. I think that when ppl use a PS3, they will just use the keyboard they have around or get a new one. The way I look at it if they are playing it on PS3 they are aware they need to communicate seeing is how its an MMO and there for would get a keyboard or a headset.

I have both so its all good.

Def. picking it up when it arrives.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

''PS3 user as 90% of them don't have a mic''

Yeah right, and Blu ray is not needed for Games I assume /s.

FamilyGuy2940d ago

Your a$$ pulled numbers have even less meaning when coupled with the thought that if they don't already have a mic and or key board they will get one if they choose to play this game efficiently.

You're an idiot.

PCs don't come boxed with mics either and they ps controller can be used for text, just at a much slower speed than a keyboard. People buy accessories to make their games more accessible and fun so why should this be any different?

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Faelan2940d ago

Pointy eared Harry Potter wannabe at 2:01 in the trailer...

ElementX2940d ago

Well, is this subscription based? Seems SOE got a lot of hate on N4G because people didn't want to pay to play DC Universe...

Caffo012940d ago

sure it is...every good MMO is subscription based..micro-transactions mmos are all about spending money for the uber equip:if you don't want to spend money then you're a noob..not my genre.


yes it will be and i guess £/$14.99 per month

hopefully they do a deal for psn+ members but i doubt it with squar£-£nix

GrilledCheeseBook2939d ago

the big problem with paying for DC Universe is that it looks like a free to play game

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