IGN Chief Jeremy Dunham Most Anticipated Games of 2007

Jeremy Dunham's 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2007 Revisited.
Jeremy Dunham running a follow-up feature today that expands on an article we posted at the beginning of the year that revealed each team's "Most Anticipated" games on an editor-by-editor basis. The thinking behind revisiting this feature is that, now that the year is over and we've seen 95% of the season's lineup at E3 and other tradeshows, "how have our minds changed and what should you watch out for?"

The written pieces that appear themselves will be limited to that team's platform beat (so the Nintendo team can only list Wii, Cube, GBA, and DS games for example, while the Xbox guys must stick to the Xbox and 360). The only rule is that the game must be confirmed for a 2007 US release, so 2008 games or "guesses" aren't allowed to be on there.

Given that I no longer have a channel to call my own, and that I'm involved with every platform directly, I've decided to do my own list that's just a bit broader in scope -- and man was is it hard deciding. This year is packed with big software, which made deciding what would make my list extremely difficult. Eventually, though, I did put a list together and here it is...

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the_round_peg3793d ago

And way too many FPS on the list.

JsonHenry3793d ago

I think Bioshock is going to be a damn good game dont get me wrong, but I feel that Mass Effect should be in the #1 spot.

MK_Red3793d ago

Actually, there are only 3 FPS games on top 3 and while Mass Effect is a superb RPG, Bioshock is a revolutionary combination of FPS, RPG, Sim and adventure. Cant wait for both of them though. Nice find and list.

original seed3793d ago

the demo left a sour taste in my mouth. Im thinking if that's the best they had to show then it's a Def. Rent.

Crazyglues3793d ago

I just can't see why. I was expecting halo 3 but somehow that didn't even make the list. So I don't even know what to say about this list. I would have thought for sure PGR4 but I guess that games really not that big.

The list was just surprising.

Kleptic3793d ago

I am very happy that BioShock maid it over halo 3...while I think Mass Effect looks to be a better overall game...BioShock is setting up to be one of those games that defines the genre...halo 3 will be great, and I would have put it up overal Mario Galaxy or Rock Band anyday...but I definitely more excited to try BioShock...sadly I don't have a 360, or a PC that would run boo....

hotshot12373793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

play the game and then tell me that bcuz i know u havent and dont try 2 say u did.(and if u did, then im really but still its not hack and slash at all. its actually pretty technical. but yea that is most games that i will be getting 2.i want bioshock.i dont have 360 but i will probably just buy it on pc

original seed3793d ago

What makes it not a hack and slash. Is it the part when you're hacking and slashing. You have 3 stance to hack in slash in and your enemy tells you which hack and slash teq. to use by the color the attack with.

You dont need skill to play it ala Ninja Gaiden. You can actually pull out sweet combos by, Whats the phrase?, o yeah, Hacking and slashing. Yes i've played it.

The thing that worries me is, by the looks of it, you will be running from arena to arena hacking and slashing. The other thing is, if that demo was a little over 1 gig and only lasted about 5 minutes then the whole game will be short, which i guess can be fine for a Hack and Slash since it's bound to get reptetive.

p.s. i accept your apology

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The story is too old to be commented.