Bonus Round - Ethics of the Blogosphere: Interview with Kotaku, Destructoid and Joystiq

Bonus Round continues its in-depth analysis of the top video game bloggers on the web.

- How they are treated by the big publishers?
- Have they ever been pressured to remove a rumor?
- The future of the video game blogs.

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Odion3887d ago

I was surprised to hear that MS gives so much to these guys

Violater3887d ago

i can tell what your doing.

Vojkan3887d ago

This "blogers" episode is the most boring yet! ugh, who cares what some "bloggers" think and write?!

TnS3887d ago

A lot of news comes from their sites, so I think it is interesting.

Yo Mama3886d ago

Ron Workman is a Microsoft shill.
Destructoid is secretly funded by Microsoft.

Tsalagi3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Prove it.