BioShock Official Movie: Plasmids and Gene Tonics

In this gameplay preview video, Irrational Games' developers talk about plasmids (i.e., active power-ups) and gene tonics (passive power-ups that allow character customization.)

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HeavyweightInTheGame3952d ago

Yeah I have no doubts this will be a contender for the GOTY

ParaDise_LosT3952d ago

Mass Effect vs Bioshock..
Mass Effect = Immersive universe with great story
Bioshock = Impressive A.I and water effects look breath taking to say the least.....

I perfer Mass Effect...But by a SMALL bit..

HeavyweightInTheGame3952d ago

Yes Mass Effect as well. GOTY will have to be a blind draw this year as there will be many great contenders and all will be pretty much all equal in greatness.

jay33952d ago

Bioshock demo very possibly coming to XBL August 2nd!!!

OXM 360 (UK Vrs. is all i know) includes a demo disc every issue with like 10 game demos on it. They almost NEVER have a demo that isn't on XBL, and at the back of this months issue, it always says what the next issue has, and it says it has a Bioshock demo!


So, OXM 360 next issue w/demo comes out August 2nd so demo should also be on XBL!!!



Bloodmask3952d ago

really impressive water effects. Bioshock adds a lot to the FPS genre with elements of RPG and survival horror.

Definately an original and interesting game.

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The story is too old to be commented.