Rumor: Northrend could be next World of Warcraft expansion

This might be the closest thing WOW Insider has heard to news about the next World of Warcraft expansion yet -- an anonymous tipster sent them a note that the Video Games Live orchestra, scheduled to play in the final concert at BlizzCon, has received their sheet music for the show, and hidden within the pages is three pieces called "Northrend 1, 2, and 3."

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HeavyweightInTheGame3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

God so many expansions for this game. Anyone know if it will ever make it 360? I'm dying to play WOW on my big screen.

Edit: My bad. Keep thinking that Frozen Throne is a WOW expansion as well.

StarsCream3977d ago

There is only one expansion for WoW, its called The Burning Crusade. It came out like 6 months ago.

Also, yes, its an amazing game and there is a VERY good reason that they have over 9 million active customers paying $12 to $15 a month to play.

socomnick3977d ago

Never tried wow but I might since everyone is so addicted to it. It has to be good.

HeavyweightInTheGame3977d ago

Yeah my buddy plays like 24/7 on two accounts. He always talks to me about it and I feel like I'm missing out on lots of cool sh1t

Greysturm3977d ago

Not being to be able to get a group to go and personally introduce arthas to my boot was one of the reasons i stopped playing if this gets confirmed i might hit it again and level up those missing levels.