New Universe at War: Earth Assault render trailer

Get ready, the invasion is about to begin in this newly released render trailer of Universe at War: Earth Assault from Sega.

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Premonition3954d ago

I think it might be a 360 exclusive.

Infernus3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

It's a PC game by Petroglyph. The guys that made Empire at War. It's an RTS. I'm looking forward to it and first heard about it when it was announced about a year ago though it has been in development for longer than that.

It's not a 360 exclusive although it is gonna be like C&C3 and be available on 360. Though I'm looking forward to getting another RTS for my PC. I still prefer RTS gaming on a PC over a console even though C&C3 has done well on 360.

The game looks real good when you look at the gameplay footage though it's not been very well publicised at all and I don't think even the RTS gamers know of UaW.

In case you haven't heard of Petroglyph they are members of the old Westwood that made the original C&C games.

i Shank u3954d ago

RTS is better on PC, but im gonna have to pick up the 360 version cause the pc is old. this game sounds tight and they still havent shown the third major faction yet