3D Kinect Like Camera for PS3

3xG says: "A reliable source at SCE London Studio (makers of various EyeToy games and applications) has informed us that he or she has witnessed end-to-end user testing of 3D Eye chat."

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Apolloeye2856d ago

God damn, this would be awesome - 3D video chat with my friends abroad, epic.

blackbeld2856d ago

Sony is very innovative lately so I think this could be true. I Hope it will be on the market very soon. :)

Sitdown2856d ago

Just out of curiosity...when has Sony not been innovative? They always have projects going on...most probably never ever see the light.

ifhd2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Dr.Richard Marks(EyeToy creator) was working for years on 2d and 3d Camera
Digital Foundry: When you began your research, did you look into the z-cams, like Project Natal?

Richard Marks: Yeah, actually we did.

ShinMaster2856d ago

Why "Kinect-like"?
Couldn't they just call it a 3D PS-Eye?

inveni02856d ago

This would actually be really cool. I'm not really into 3D chat, but being able to create my own 3D images using EyeCreate and such... Sounds neat.

For the guys below saying that Sony fanboys think it's cool because Sony made it, you're fools. No one hates on Kinect because it's a 3D camera. No one. But tell me...have you seen any 3D demos of Kinect?

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shoddy2856d ago

imagin it can 3d video chat while you are playing KZ3. I would get psn+ for this.

distorted_reality2856d ago

I'd imagine that your PS3 would explode trying to do that.

DaTruth2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

"Bu, bu, bu, but, only teh Kinect can track in 3D space!!!"

"Bu, bu, bu, but, you need teh advanced Kinect tech to track in 3D space!!!"

Edit: If it can record video too, then this will be great! Christmas gift opening in 3D!!!

Noctis Aftermath2856d ago

A cheap 3d camera would be cool, but since it's restricted to home use i wouldn't find much use for it.

P1NKY2856d ago

3D isn't too good for the eyes.

coolfool2856d ago

I'm sure if someone has said this below (haven't check that far) but I don't think this camera, as describe is about motion tracking or anything to do with that. It's about 3d video capture.

It sounds like it's essentially a 3d webcam (although if real I am sure it will have further uses than that).

Aquanox2856d ago

If Sony ends up copying Kinect somehow it would be the "Mee too" climax in videogame history.

Ju2856d ago

^^ LOL. It sure would be. They will do it. Or at least have something similar in the lab. Waiting how Kinect works out and bam, release a 3D Eytoy as an add on. Well, they had 3D cameras in their lab as early as 2000 or something. Why not capitalize on all that research ?

Sitdown2856d ago

How does your comment even make sense? Did you read the is a quote for you:

"Moreover this also means that a 3D Eye is being developed which means Sony are stepping on Microsoft’s’ toes when it comes to 3D space detection with a camera."

So what does that mean? The current eyetoy is not doing space detection like kinect...which is why the 3d eye is being constructed...which made the comments valid at the time they were made.

Parapraxis2856d ago

If MS ends up copying the EyeToy somehow it would be the "Mee too" climax in videogame history.
They'd probably call it something silly like Kinectz or something....OHHHHHH WAIT.

P1NKY2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I love all the disagrees im getting. Im not bashing this camera or PS3. Im pro PS3 if anything. But 3D in general isn't great on your eyes.

Ive used a 3D TV and they are amazing except for the glasses. But it did start to hurt after a while.

Obama2855d ago

Who's copying who?

It's Kinect that's copying eyetoy. Even the name sounds suspect.

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edhe2856d ago


So you can look at eachother and laugh at the specs you're both wearing feeling guilty about how much you just spent so your 'mate' can flash the last chicken in sainsbury's at you?


Chatroullette in HD 3D would go against most of the sensibilities of humankind, or at least the preferences of straight males.

morganfell2856d ago

Some of us, apparently more than you realize, have female gamer friends...

R2D22856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )


Silver3602856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

You would be able to talk to your friends in 3D. That is no where near the same as the camera reading your body and using your motions in a video game. Also as stated time and again by Primesense what KInect does is based off of Microsoft's software. What they are doing with Kinect is bleeding edge technology. They are condensing what would take a large studio and actors with various tracking balls attached to their bodies for motion capture and making a camera do this on its own. I am not saying the PS3 can not do this with a Kinect like camera. I am saying some small firm doesn't have the resources to pull off the testing, data collection and software design to make this happen.

Edit: Author of article is making a faulty leap that 3D chatting is the same a body tracking.

P1NKY2856d ago

The reason film studios etc use special suits will balls on them is because a camera can track the balls much more accurately than trying to distinguish a persons body and tracking that.

This 3D body tracking isn't really new. It just isn't the best way of tracking a person. It's better for gaming, but not for professional use.

kneon2856d ago

That's right, a camera for recording 3D images/video is not the same as one for sensing depth, which is what kinect is. But that is not required for full body motion tracking, the eyetoy was doing that on the PS2, without the depth perception or course. But that is just fine for most kinds of games anyway.

Ju2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

"some small firm" ... something like, aeh, ... Sony. Hm, yep, some small firm...especially because they do this since 2000 now /s

Downtown boogey2856d ago

This is NOT THE SAME AS KINECT though.

fr0sty2855d ago

it technically could be used to pull off the same effect however, being that the 3d camera can see where you end and the background begins, it can use that to isolate your body from it and also tell how far a limb is away from the camera by comparing the 2 slightly offset video feeds. toss move in there, and microsoft will be wishing that it were connect. 3D video chat sounds awesome too!

nutcase4u2856d ago

For 3D video chat there would need to be an incredibly high framerate. The PS-Eye doesn't have a very high framerate when chatting online with friends and family, (but I still love it anyway). Any online video chat, even Skype, has relatively low framerates which are much lower than what 3D requires.

I love my PS3 and it's an extremely powerful machine, but internet capabilities of even the highest performing companies (like RoadRunner) can't support online 3D video chat quite yet. It will be 10-20 years before we see anything like this.

Ju2856d ago

That's BS. The simplest form would be to transmit two streams with an angle each, compress, decompress, recompose. Also, because I am certain, those two streams share 80% of common pixels, load would possibly only increase by 20% (or something) - you wouldn't compress two streams, but package them into one first, than compress. The result is one (bigger) video stream.

Or, you go with face recognition. We've seen this before. The party games all let you map your own face on a fictional character - in real time. Here, you can do the same. Create vertex data out of image recognition, use a video to simply map that to that now virtual face and in combination you will get a 3D video stream. Vertex data will be small (only a couple of coords, or even only ref-data, since you can reconstruct on the client side) and the video is basically the same.

Both solutions would hardly stretch bandwidth limitations over current limits. The first needs a 3D camera, the second would work with the current PSEye.

Inside_out2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

That a boy...Wii Move, now it's Kinect me tO_O...Love how the Sony camp are gonna spin this But, But it's an eye

How is Kevin Butthurt gonna do his pew, pew, pew commercials...Sony, we only do everything THIRD best...Spin kids...But, it needs

Kinect is patented and belongs to M$...

fr0sty2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

kinect me too? um... kinect? the eyetoy rip off that even stole the name of one of eyetoy's games (kinetic)? or wait, a second generation rip off since vision cam attempted to do what eye can do but flopped. let's not forget about nintendog... i mean kinectimals, and wii spor... i mean kinect sports.

at least when sony copies something, they actually make it better. not the case with microsoft, who's idea of archery in a sports game is aiming with your left hand and shooting by waving your right hand back and forth like you're fanning a fart.

and... since sony has move and all, this solution WILL have buttons in addition to superior 3d motion tracking and 3d video capabilities (assuming this rumor were true) that kinect can't even do since 360 doesn't support HDMI 1.4 needed to connect to a 3dtv.

so, all the while Microsoft will just keep on knocking 3d, saying it's not ready for the market, you can't do it while chewing gum, and then whisper out of the side of their mouths that they "have a 3d strategy in place and 3d 360 games are coming, blah blah".

Xfanboy2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Thought Kenect type of camera was stupid now it's not for some reason?? wow!!

I don't care about losing bubbles Im just wondering what's going on in the heads of these fanboys??

Motion stuff is ok but I will be diving into 3d!!

ifhd2856d ago

Dr.Richard Marks(EyeToy creator) was working for years on 2d and 3d Camera
Digital Foundry: When you began your research, did you look into the z-cams, like Project Natal?

Richard Marks: Yeah, actually we did.

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DaTruth2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Apparently you won't be buying it; the disagreers have spoken!

@Cossie 123 below: PS3D camera has a controller and has decent games; not one game(Richochet) that is pretty much the same in 2D! That is the difference.

Wizziokid2856d ago

with sony I could see it happen since they want to push 3D but I don't really care about 3D.

But for people that do this would be a very nice addition.

cossie1232856d ago

and the ps3 gamers slated kinect lol.

uplank2856d ago

That because Kinect currently looks useless. We cant judge this yet as we havent seen it.....

jay22856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

@uplank. Sorry, misunderstood you

uplank2856d ago

Err Jay2 - i meant we havent seen any PS3 Version. Not Kinect. Kinect was a joke, and thats the reason it was slated.

AndersDK2856d ago

And now only one thing(3d video chat) can make you say that it might be a good ideer!? :) So If Kinect where to announce 3D video chat Kinect would be usefull and worth buying then??

uplank2856d ago

@AndersDK if it worked then yes. Thats the problem i see with kinect - i dont see anything that makes me feel that it will actually work!

Apolloeye2856d ago

@AndersDK As far as I know MS don't like 3D and have no plans to use it.

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edhe2856d ago

It's different, because Sony did it.

commodore642856d ago

You are spot on!

Video chat on 360 .... poooh! kinect sux!
Video chat on ps3 .... omgwtfbbq Sony is awesome!


Spenok2856d ago

Your retarded, im sorry i have to say it. Video chat has been available on PS3 since the system launched. Just an FYI.

JustTheFactsMr2856d ago

PS3 has done 6-way video chat for a long time now. Old news.

extermin8or2856d ago

this would have to do more thn just 3D chat for me to get it and to me kinect still looks like a flashy eyetoy....

redsquad2856d ago

Yes I did slate Kinect as an evolutionary blind alley for gaming, but I also think this is just as pointless.

Scotland-The-Brave2856d ago

not every ps3 gamer, STOP painting us with the same brush!

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ThanatosDMC2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Hmmm... if this is true, i better not accept some people's chat invites cuz i might see some 3D dongs popping up on my screen in the future, but then again i only accept the females and relatives on my friends list.

Briefcase Joe2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

mmm...3D dongs.


Briefcase Joe2856d ago

I guess the people that disagreed with my joke like 3D dongs?