Blu Ray Has Slight Lead in Front of HD DVD

In the battle for the next-gen HD format it appears that the Blu Ray camp is gaining a slight lead in front of its HD DVD rival, despite the fact that most customers are quite unaware of the fierce battle for supremacy.

"We are starting to see the pendulum swing slowly in [Blu-ray's] direction," says analyst Chris Roden, from Parks Associates. "Recent retail developments, support from major Hollywood studios, and inclusion of the format in the PlayStation 3 puts the Blu-ray format in the lead."

Both Blockbuster and Target have both recently declared their support for Blu-ray. Blockbuster will exclusively offer Blu-ray rentals at 85% of its stores, while Target will only sell Blu-ray players at least through the holiday shopping season. Blockbuster motivated its decision by citing customers' overwhelming demand for Blu Ray.

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D_U_I3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )


BaMYouRDeaD3953d ago

This is the last time I will approve these kinds of articles. If some studio or retailer declares exclusivity to either one, fine. But please stop posting every single Blu-ray or HD DVD article on the web.

Bloodmask3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

This war will take years to claim a victor.....might as well give up the speculation, at least for now.

BIadestarX3953d ago

Question... with all the support blu-ray have compared to HD DVD... and with all the good media and movies... and all the doom news for the last 6 months against HD DVD... why isn't HD DVD off the market?
What the heck does, "Blu Ray Has Slight Lead" suppost to mean? Blu-ray should be 1,000,000 miles ahead of HD DVD.... is it that the consumer refuses to adopt blu-ray even after all the effords from large corporation to force the format? If HD DVD would have all the support blu-ray has... would HD DVD already be the winner?

xfrgtr3953d ago

The new Nielsen numbers are out. Here are the numbers for the last 5 weeks.
Week 7/22: BD 74, HD 26 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/15: BD 61, HD 39 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/08: BD 66, HD 34 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 7/01: BD 65, HD 35 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 60, HD 40
Week 6/24: BD 70, HD 30 YTD: BD 67, HD 33 SI: BD 59, HD 41
There was an increase of 13% for BD since last week.
HDDVD is on life support

Omegasyde3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Yea I am still confused as well.
Blue ray has almost every movie that HDDVD has minus Universal Studio's movies and the Matrix (for now, coming to BR this fall).

I also thought with a such a fierce competition, that movies price would fall down. The only prices that got "Cut" were the Players...
Most High Definition movies still start at around 25$(average when compared to all places). Then you stack that against DVD which are now going even lower, at new releases being between $19.99-$14.99.

Toshiba is winning in price cut aspect...but not by much. But then again they have a lot riding on this and if they pull out early....Customer taste will pull away from all Toshiba Products. Perhaps it is best(for Toshiba) that they fight it out until the point of HDDVD Death.
(To save the reputation of perhaps other stuff like Laptops?)

Universal could end the war right now and increase sales, if they released on both formats. And remember not only is Toshiba going against Sony but the Blue Ray Disc Association which includes Sony, Disney,Fox, Lions gate and others.

Perhaps the major top DVD buys like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings will decide the battle?

TheExecutive3953d ago

well... hd-dvd has been out a year longer.

The Dude3953d ago

As noted on Engadget HD the other day, and further clarified by Major Nelson this morning, that story about Target going exclusively Blu-ray was false. Turns out they're just installing Blu-ray aisle end caps, thanks to a new promotional deal with Sony, but HD DVD isn't going anywhere. Hopefully you haven't chucked out your HD DVD collection just yet in a concession to defeat at Thursday's "news," but if you have it's always good to know you can score replacements at your local Target, just like always.

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