Week recap: PS3 losses; Xbox 360 cut; Wii sales

Sony corp, this week said it has no plans for a future price cut on the PS3. This month, it discounted the 60Gb PS3 SKU to 499$ from 599$.

Sony this week recorded double first quarter profit to help offset mounting losses in its game division. The company maintained its PS3 shipment quota for the business year.

Sony this week said that PS3 sales have spiked in the U.S. following a price break on the 60GB model. Additionally sales for the PS3 increased 21% in the month of June.

Read on, about the 360 and the Wii...

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timmyp533953d ago

their should be a finance section on this site... no seriously its a good idea.. if u think about it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3953d ago

That's actually a great idea!

DiLeCtioN3953d ago

they should also add HD-DVD and BD

Xeoset3953d ago

So the Xbox 360 Price Cut is set in stone?

Bazookajoe_833953d ago

The 360 needs the pricecut to boost the sales of the coming games this fall, if they can afford it. But it´s microsoft, they could give the 360 for free and still have money over =)

TheMART3953d ago

It'll get a pricecut, watch this:

Combined with games like Bioshock, Halo 3 and GTA IV the most complete version the sales will explode

AllroundGamer3953d ago

careful with the word explode... cause you know xbox... rings... explode... :D

Omegasyde3953d ago

360 doesn't need a price cut. Its still cheaper.

Let alone halo 3 is a major console seller. If anything the 360 Elite needs the price cut.

D_U_I3953d ago

explode? the console itself... so i guess you ignore a 33% failure rate with the console itself. Oh yer scatching disks??? hahahah yep. I want a 360 so bad, no really its the truth. But can i trust the 360 at the moment??? hmmmmmmmmmmmm NO, i'm waiting for the falcon, but dude.... your living in a dream world, wake up and go to a bar, take a drink and see a whole new world.... Alcohol!!! works for me :)

SlippyMadFrog3953d ago

You where probably drunk when you wrote your reply ;)

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Says you3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Already $400 they would barely make a profit at all and oh of course there counting on one game to make billions which by the way they need help in therapy if there counting on one game I mean seriously after this game comes in September 25 what will they do then after there is no more of this game!.

Oh! go ahead take away the bubbles considering thats what everyone here
basically does for no reason!

thats only on one website you nitwit that doesnt mean one website has a few XBox 360 that is cheap doesnt mean that all websites have the same thing.

Omegasyde3953d ago

Well said.

Why cut the price when it is still cheaper than the main competition?

Pointless and goes against the Law of Supply and Demand.

If MS really wanted to show an Ace, they would make the games cheaper than the standard $59.99 for new titles and perhaps make the new standard at $49.99.

Heck, I wish Sony and Microsoft would lower that stupid 60 dollar standard for new games.

Bilzac3953d ago

Please clarify how the ps3 lost...

Maddens Raiders3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

on every unit sold until the manuf, R&D, and shipping costs come into line with what they are selling the units for at the moment. Last time I checked SNE doubled it's projected profit for this quarter, mainly from other divisions of the company making huge gains like the movie studios and cameras, telephones, and TV's. Sir Howard Stringer stated that the PS3 will be profitable (in the black) by 1Q 2008.

This is only natural as the company's game division carried SNE swimmingly along for the past decade to a point where people were wondering if SNE was a "games" company first. Now that's progress. So now with the newest iteration of the PS aloft, and the incredible startup costs of blu laser diodes, the RSX, and CELLBBE, SCEI is "borrowing" back from other profitable division right now that the mighty PS1, and PS2 dumped in the coffers since 1994. This is only natural: State Farm Insurance company borrows from one of it's other divisions as well - all the time - in the middle of financial crunches. After Hurricane Katrina , they borrowed large gobs of money from their Auto and Life divisions in order to offset the costs of outrageous Hurricane claims to residential and commercial property. This will undoubtedly be made up as happy State Farm customers continue to pour money into their premiums which the company will re-coup by the beginning of next year. Not unlike SNE corp. This article demonstrates that the losses are being offset and the PS division in this case the PS3 is actually starting to show signs of a return on investments.

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