The Beginning of the End for HD-DVD?

The high-def battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is no longer about the consumer, but about partnership. If you thought the choice was up to you, think again. The Blu-ray camp is playing its cards right, winning another hand that will hurt the competition.

The battle between high-definition DVD formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, has been healed for more than a year now. One camp publishers numbers saying player are selling well, then the other publishes a study saying more people prefer the way they do special features on a disc...

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toughNAME3981d ago

i swearrr this was a gaming website last time i logged in...

Jen5en3981d ago

It's interesting how the vast majority of HD DVD and Blu Ray players being sold are Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles...

The article is correct, the interest for this medium is too small for the consumer to have a significant influence, and on that part it seems that Sony has played it cards either right or dirty, because it is surely all about who supports who now. Even though HD DVD is cheaper and has some nice features, an HD DVD add-on for Xbox 360 won't do a damn thing... it's all about the companies now and they all point one way -> Blu Ray.

the_round_peg3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

for forming an oligopolistic bloc with Hollywood studios to favor Blu-ray. However, I think by the time the investigation is complete, it'll be already too late for HD-DVD.

DeadIIIRed3980d ago

I thought that was Microsoft being investigated

LeonSKennedy4Life3980d ago

Microsoft is ALWAYS being investigated for monopolistic practices. An oligopoly is only illegal in Europe, isn't it? Also, the British government can investigate all they want. They just can't do anything TO Sony except forbid the importing of Sony goods...which would hurt their economy greatly. Ol' Tony Blair ain't that dumb! He's a liberal, but he's not Hillary Clinton liberal.

Daewoodrow3980d ago

Leon, Tony Blair isn't our PM anymore.
And believe it or not, our Economy isn't so fragile that it depends on Sony imports.

Omegasyde3980d ago

I doubt that will go far..Why?
Columbia=Tri-star=Sony classics=Part of MGM=All Sony.

Sony does a lot of stuff other than Electronics and video game consoles.
They make Movies and even have their own Music Label.

And this same commission failed at going after Microsoft for including Internet Explorer as part of Windows.(Browser Monopoly, since every windows user will have I.E.) Microsoft fought back just like in America and stated," ..Internet Explorer is an important application and is the only way for the user to update windows products"

Sony can do the same, and state that the movie making companies go through Blu ray because of the technological support.(or some jargon like that) The Blue ray Disc Association also consist of more than Sony making it an actual conglomerate (a group), making it a better defense for Blu-ray.

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Bloodmask3981d ago

when it is a new product that has just come out. And makes up a very small percentage of the market? Both Blu ray and HDDVD make up less than 5% of DVD sales.

If anything both can fail.

I guess that by this philosophy PS3 and 360 must be dead too. BC PS2 makes up more market share than both combined.

Give it a rest.

the_round_peg3981d ago

It says "the beginning of the end".

And I have to agree. Unless Toshiba can pull a rabbit out of the hat, the war will be over soon.

Omegasyde3980d ago

They won't fail because 480i and 480p are being phased out(in US) and the government is requiring 720 to be the new standard by 2010 (? i think or 2012).

720 will be the new standard.

beardtm3981d ago


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