Heavenly Sword presents: Pounding on limeys and the best cutscene ever!

Jim Sterling of Destructoid writes: Hit the jump for a second video, one I declare a true treat, for it's a rather villainous cutscene of an evil fish n' chips king and his Eurotrash freaks that has blown me away.



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unsunghero283952d ago

I haven't really been all that blown away by Heavenly Sword, but when I saw that cutscene... wow.

That was, without a doubt, the most expressive face animation I have ever seen in any game.

If it was in real-time then whoever doubts the functionality of The Cell is going to have to work a lot harder to convince me...

LSDARBY3952d ago

That cutscene was awsome, cant wait for this game

Jen5en3952d ago

I still can't tell whether it's rendered in-game, or prerendered with the game engine. If you could focus the camera close up on Nariko's face in the demo it would be a lot easier to determine.

Still, outstanding performances and terrific artwork. Andy Serkis knows how to direct. Apropos, if you crank the volume high enough you can hear someone say: "We WANTS it! WE NEEDS IT!"

Omegasyde3952d ago

the scene reminds me of the original movie DUNE.

I am sure Andy wants to get rid of his Smeegle reputation as much as Keanu Reeves wanted to with the Matrix and Bill and Tedds...

Jen5en3951d ago


It's been so long since I last saw Dune; I must've been 5 or 6 at the time, but come to think of it, it actually does. Pretty strange for a kid of my age, who hardly understood English at the time, to watch a film like Dune. But I enjoyed it as far as I vaguely remember, especially the scene with the sandworms and occasionally any scene with the House of Harkonnen. Everything else is pretty much a blur.

SimmoUK3952d ago

That was the best example of the facial animation and acting i've seen so far, really impressed...

DJ3952d ago

The developers were going to have pre-rendered cinemas...until they found out Cell could just do it for them with the game engine. I'm sure the animation files for these cutscenes are enormous, especially with so much detail in the faces.

LeonSKennedy4Life3952d ago

DJ...long time no see.

Yeah, enjoying the demo much? I think it freakin' rocks. I've been saying for over a year that this will be the best action game this year...and possibly the best storyline! If MGS4 comes out this year though...HS can kiss that award GOODBYE! I doubt it though.

This is one of the reasons I bought a PS3. I reserved it before I even had one! While not being as BA as Devil May Cry, the action is just incredible! Of course, NOTHING is as BA as Devil May Cry.

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The story is too old to be commented.