The Top 7 Best Games of 2010 (So Far)

This Top 7 could easily serve as a blueprint for eventual end-of-year awards. Six of the games received "10/10" from GamesRadar, and total countdown combined, almost 150 perfect scores from the industry as a whole. What follows, then, aren't merely the best of 2010 so far. Judging by their quality and by the rest of the release calendar, these might be the best of 2010 – period.

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RaymondM2946d ago

I dont know about this one. That piece of trash bayonetta doesnt hold a candle to Alan Wake. However, I do agree that Red Dead is number one.

Rucury2946d ago

I liked Bayonetta.

It had flair.

Information Minister2946d ago

In my opinion, both Bayonetta and Red Dead Redemption are overrated.

Bayonetta looks, plays and feels way too much like DMC. Hell... Take DMC, replace Dante with a disproportionate female, devil trigger with witch time, a proper soundtrack with j-pop and you just got yourself Bayonetta.

As for RDR, it reminds me A LOT of Bully with some GTA4 thrown in for good measure. Controls can be messy and it's filled with glitches. It looks good, but not as good as Assassin's Creed 2 or Just Cause 2, although admittedly the atmospheric affects look incredible.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both games, but I would rate them 8/10. Bad Company 2, Alan Wake and MGS: Peace Walker are better.

ReservoirDog3162946d ago

You know, I never really ran into glitches in RDR. Maybe I'm just lucky huh?

rlm422946d ago

You must have played the PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption and Bayonetta. Try the Xbox 360 versions.

ReservoirDog3162946d ago

Oh, you know what, I did run into a glitch. Near the end, there was a mission where only John Marston talked but the other person didn't. It came out on the subtitles though.

There, 1 glitch. Guess that random disagree was right after all.

Information Minister2945d ago

@ ReservoirDog:
Lucky?! My friend, I'd buy some lottery tickets ASAP if I were you. RDR's glitches are very well documented. I ran into my first one just moments after I started the game, when I exited the train and people were rendering halfway through the floor. Just seconds later, I entered the saloon and I witnessed a character leaning against a non existing table. A few minuts after that I saw some pigs rendering upside down (quite hilarious to be honest). I have died twice with gun fire from non existing enemies when I was just traveling through the map and this morning, my horse apparently suffered a heart attack and misteriously dropped dead on the ground just like that.

@ rlm42:
I had no idea that the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta featured a different protagonist, had different gameplay and a decent soundtrack. I was also unaware of the link between native resolution and gameplay glitches. Thank you for bringing that to my attention./s

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deadoralive13372946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

i personally think that the list should be bigger because its missing bad company 2, heavy rain i can only tell these but im sure there are much more
But the point was to choose 7 best games :/

N4BmpS2946d ago

Imagine if they only could choose five.

Handhelds_FTW2946d ago

MGS Peace Walker should be up there. It's handheld marvel that offers a console like experience that offers more content than some of the titles mentioned on that list.

Myze2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

"...that offers more content than most of the titles mentioned on that list."

Fixed it for you. It would actually probably be more content than all the titles, except maybe FFXIII.

Yeah, I would put Peace Walker over Bayonetta, FFXIII (although I think I am one of the few that enjoyed it), and Bioshock 2. Of course, I would put Heavy Rain over those three as well. The top 4 I agree with (maybe not that order), and are all amazing games, and the clear frontrunners for GotY, at least so far.

N4BmpS2946d ago

This list makes me sad, I only one of those games. Due to budget or otherwise.

frjoethesecond2946d ago

Your comment is incomprehensible.

Rucury2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I looked it up.

"This list makes me sad, I only own one of those games. Due to my lack of money or/and other reasons."

I too lack the budget to indulge in a game-filled tub.

frjoethesecond2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Thanks. That's much better.

N4BmpS2946d ago

I see I don't type as careful as I do other places. Whoops, my bad.

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