Sakurai to Western Developers: Gameplay Matters Most

GameXplain Says: "In an interview with Techland, Masahiro Sakurai, the developer of Kid Icarus uprising, expressed his take on the philosphical different Western and Japanese developers have when it comes to game design. Specifically, that the west tends too focus too much on a "Hollywood style" experience instead of concentrating on the gameplay."

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Anon73492944d ago

I couldn't agree more.

It seems like most western devs are trying to give off this huge "epic" Hollywood-like experience. When I play games like this I get bored to death. The weird thing is when devs do this they always get praised for an amazing game, I guess I'm one of the few people that feel that way.

Uncharted 2 come to mind, I found it to be a really boring game and it blows my mind how it got so many GOTY awards. While Demon's Souls a game that's really focused on gameplay and not so much graphics/story is now one of my favorite games of all time.

This is also the reason why I liked Bayonetta more than God of war 3. For me Bayonetta was all about the diverse, fluid combat and the gameplay, while GoW3 had decent gameplay it was pretty pale and repetitive in comparison.

bearsfaan2943d ago

Interesting interview, but I don't think most Japanese games' gameplay is as awesome as most of their developers think it is. I would have to say that somewhere in the middle of the two design theories is probably best. No reason we can't have it all.