Annoying things that happen in video games

Video games are amazing. They can tell magnificent stories and give dozens of hours of entertainment that can be involving and inspirational. Still, video games are purely fiction and sometimes situations arise that are both ridiculous and infuriating. These can sometimes be called plot holes, but most of the time they’re just events that could be considered annoying.

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Nitrowolf22609d ago

"reloading just for the sake of having a full clip-"

i do this all the time

HolyOrangeCows2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Same here. And it's for best in games where characters are unaffected by bullets until they're dead (eg. MOST of today's shooters, unfortunately).

If it were a game with good hit detection where the enemies limp when you shoot them in the leg and such, THEN realistic reloading would be good.

TANUKI2609d ago

Yep... I have a terrible habit of that. In multiplayer, it can also mean losing out on a nice chance for a headshot :/

CobraKai2609d ago

I do because there are times I find myself with a sweet kill in my sights and instead of a kill, I fire one shot, reload, and die.

2609d ago
thegreatest78842609d ago

I think the most annoying thing in games would be crappy AI

omicron0092609d ago

I agree, crappy AI is the worst

SOAD2609d ago

I reload all the time in Dead Space. It's just better knowing that you're not facing a group of necromorphs with half a clip of ammo.

Non_sequitur2609d ago

On Mythbusters, they've proven how difficult is is to ignite something as flammable as propane in containers with bullets. If the shooter had incendiary rounds it may be possible, but incendiary rounds aren't too common.

RaymondM2609d ago

haha, thats what I was thinking too. The ease of blowing up explosive barrels is also very unlikely. Although with a leak and a flare fun that would make an explosion, so Alan Wake should have used that and I would have been ok with the outcome.

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The story is too old to be commented.