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O-Games CEO: Kinect 'Limited' Compared To Move

At E3 Gaming Union sat down with Jim Scott, the CEO of UK based publisher O-Games. Scott's company brought John Daly's ProStroke Golf to the show. In terms of motion control, Scott believes Kinect's controller free approach presents "limitations" compared to Move. (Dev, E3, Industry, John Daly's ProStroke Golf, Kinect, O Games, Playstation Move, PS3, Tech, Wii, Wii MotionPlus, Xbox 360)

Coramoor_  +   1796d ago
I strongly agree with his comment about how you need something in your hand for sports games, I realize that you really could just hold an object to simulate it, but that would just be weird, having the controller makes it all make more sense
JDouglasGU  +   1796d ago
that's true, but I'm sure having anything in your hand with Kinect would work just as well. on the other hand, it is an advantage to have buttons on the object you're using just for navigation.
gtamike  +   1796d ago
MS says it's easy with no controller to play a game, I don't think thats true at all.

Load up a car game hmm whats the controls? how do I slow down or speed up wheres hand break!?!?! sounds like hell Kinect.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1796d ago
By day, Jim Scott is a mild-mannered CEO, but when he changes into his costume he's

Dun dun duhhhh! Dun dun duhhhh!!!!! Dun dun duh, dun dun duh, dun duh duh!!!!
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Spenok  +   1796d ago
Lol. Made my day.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1796d ago
He can leap over logical assumptions with a single bound.

"Look in the sky! It's Captain Obvious!"
"We know that, we can see you. Thanks Captain Obvious!"
Hardedge  +   1796d ago
It'll be interesting to see what kind of games are developed for Kinect. So far I've seen a lot of Wii-type games...
mephman  +   1796d ago
Well, I guess we'll see what people come up with.
rumplstilts  +   1796d ago
Of course Kinect is limited. No buttons, No analog sticks, no dpad. No input aside from your body. How am I supposed to play platformers strategy games or shooters? I imagine if they figure something out it will be pretty damn tedious.
demonddel  +   1796d ago
with the controller jack a$$
demonddel  +   1796d ago
its not gonna replace your controller its just a new playing mechanic and im sure they wont be developing a game that u cant use the device for so dont panic we still have the old trusty controller
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bjornbear  +   1796d ago
kinect: ambitious
but inefficient
K1W1  +   1796d ago
It’s going to take some time for developers to get their heads around Kinect.

As far as a golf game goes I think the lack of something to hold would be Kinect’s only problem.

There are a lot of important things to think about to hit a golf ball properly. Keeping your head down, feet position, the amount of bend in your knees and elbows, the list goes on.

These are also things that Kinect can track and coach you on. I’m sure that if a properly motivated developer had the time, a golf game/training tool on Kinect would be remarkable.
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Redlogic  +   1796d ago
since i just took up golf...
a golf training game would be much appreciated...golf is a cruel b!tch
K1W1  +   1796d ago
I know.
I’ve only started last year myself, and it's tough to get right.

Could you imagine if EA could do something like that for TW2012?

Getting coached by Tiger in your own home. How many weekend hacks would pass that up?
maddhatter123  +   1796d ago
a golf training game would work best with something to hold like a club(look how good tiger woods is on the move) so kinect couldn't even do that. it really can only do shovelware like every said it would do.
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rjgbyrne  +   1796d ago
The idea behind Kinect IS having no controller...
Its about using your body AS the controller,. Like one of those acting classes, ha! We will all be getting Oscars for our performances!
Jrome  +   1796d ago
Using your body as the controller you say?...

There's a reason sony has re-implemented the controller into the equation. It's either :

1) They wanted to copy the wii.


2) They realized that with *current technology* a combination of both motion controller and cam is optimal for game creation.

Let's wait and see which one it was.
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NMC2007  +   1796d ago
Funny part is that I bet there will be physical accessories made for Kinect later down the line for people who just have to have something in their hands, that's easy to do I assume.

I remember there being some sort of Xbox Natal Remote thing on Gamestop's website a long long time ago, I can't find any traces of it now but it had Xbox buttons and everything, I assume that it's being thought about and worked on as we speak, it'll just release later on.

I think it was this thing.
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1796d ago
That's all Kinect needs really. Microsoft will have to do it.
tiamat5  +   1796d ago
The Move Wand is your gun, your club, your magic wand, your hand, your sword, your hammer. It's all purpose. No need to find a stick or piece of cardboard to hold in your hand. The Move takes care of that. That is why it makes more sense.
pippoppow  +   1796d ago
Eyetoy + PSeye
Sony has known that camera motion controls only are limited for a long time now. Hence, Move.
vmartin12  +   1796d ago
I can't see Kinect being more adoptable if it only supports what is captured by the camera. Move is a excellent Add-On to what Sony did with EyeToy. I haven't seen much of these PS Eye Games. But, with the addition of a controller and multiple buttons. It adds more depth into what developers will be able to dig into. Microsoft will have to design and release a motion controller.. Because in my mind, Using Kinect with a standard Xbox 360 will be horrendous to both user and spectator. And if you were add together great motion tracking with a motion based controller, the developer receives the breathing room to benefit the consumer.
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Eskimo Keith  +   1795d ago
I'll stick to my Dualshock thanks.
pixelsword  +   1794d ago
Not to dig-up an old internet fossil, but;


Don't get me wrong, it's actually a pretty good motion control scheme despite being gimmicky, but having seen some of the demos, it's going to be very limited until people who make games come up with ways to use is creatively.
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redsquad  +   1794d ago
I was going to say the same thing - If the technology can be perfected, the idea behind Kinect is brilliant but NOT (in my view) for gaming. For something like tv channel changing or switching on household appliances it could be revolutionary.

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