Will PlayStation Plus Divide The PS3 User Base?

Today is that day that PS3 owners will be able to purchase access to PlayStation Plus, the PS3’s new premium subscription package. It seems that the PS3 user base is split right down the middle on this one with some gamers welcoming the new option while others are crying foul.

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Canucks232821d ago

Both basic and + users can still play online with each other... + people just get some free stuff and better deals, it's not splitting anything.

ActionBastard2821d ago

That "common fucking sense" comment cannot be tolerated. Remember where you are.

Genesis52821d ago

Not as bad as the silver and gold memberships divide the competition.

WhittO2821d ago

its not like it's a map pack lol.

Its just a bunch of extra features like auto-downloader and access to extra games exactly is that splitting users apart?

avengers19782821d ago

I will have plus and don't really care who else has it or not... I won't be changing my friends list. Unless sony divides us(highly unlikely-Impossible)

Trexman892821d ago

regular users will see your premium free PSN+ avatars and get jealous!

SOAD2821d ago

Throw it on the massive pile of stupid articles that regularly get approved.


If there was a PSN Plus, yeah, I'm sure that will divide and charge for something that was free.

But this is not PSN Plus, this PS Plus to give more services and not taking away services from PSN.

kneon2821d ago

So far it's not even so much about services, PSN+ is really just a content subscription for the moment, "game of the month" kind of thing. That might change in the future but for now + basically is giving you a better deal on stuff that may not even interest you. I was hoping for more than that myself.

PopEmUp2821d ago

what a retarded article I have ever seen, and the title said it all :D

maddhatter1232821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

i only see it dividng ps3 users if it did something dumb like allow some people to play online and not others unless they pay.

DigitalAnalog2821d ago

Too bad for them that doesn't exist. How do I know? It's June 29 and I can still play online.....

for free.

-End statement

atticus142821d ago

yeah the community isnt split, its not like you are paying 50 just to play online, how stupid would that be...

Its amazing the FUD thats spread about PS+, theres a new article everyday that tries to make you think its the worse thing ever, as if sony was making you buy it or else your ps3 wont work online - when all it really means to consumers is free games, PS store discounts, and beta access.

If you want a community divided story feel free to talk about xbox live, which has required a sub since 2002 to play online.

sikbeta2821d ago

PlayStation Plus Will Not Divide Anything, People that Subscribe will Get More Stuff that the other people that don't subscribe, but they don't lose anything either....

Colonel-Killzone2821d ago

This article is dumb lol. Its not splitting nobody up. They make it sound like a marriage or something

Delive2821d ago

People who subscribed to PS+ are giving disagrees to people who post that they did not subscribe, even if they provide valid reasons. Maybe that is what was meant.

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ClownBelt2821d ago

I just...huh?....what?...but...I ...ugh...

Cajun Chicken2821d ago

Well. I won't buy it. I'm not going to have a go at people that do and that I can still online game with no less features than them.

thatruth20062821d ago

Lots of people don't think Sony should have done this, they feel like PS Plus should still be free. Of course, I don't agree but lots of people feel like it will change the dynamic of PSN for the worse. As I stated in the article, I think it was a normal progression, but some folks aren't happy. The truth is that its too early to tell, but for better or worse things will change on PSN. Some people won't be able to afford the $50 for a year, heck some won't even be able to afford the $18 for three months. If they continue to expand what is accessible via PS+, like I mentioned in the article, who knows? There could definitely be some jealously developing on PSN. If I hadn't gotten so many emails about it I wouldn't have thought it was an issue, but I did and so I wrote about it.

LordMarius2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

huh I think if PS+ was free Sony's gaming division would go bankrupt.
The way I see it the more subscribers they get the better games will be made from the funds they will receive

Jac5al2821d ago

Lol... why would it be free in the first place.

KwietStorm2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

If someone can afford a $300 gaming system and even 1 game a year, they can afford PlayStation Plus, so I don't want to hear anything about not being able to afford $50 a year. There are people who say XBL is overpriced. It is not overpriced, they just cannot justify paying money to play online, which should be free. It's about choice, not whether or not they can afford it. If you can't afford PlayStation Plus, you don't need a PlayStation 3.

As far as jealousy, yes, that is the whole idea. Improving PSN from here on out, for paying subscribers only, will not split the community, it will get free users jealous to the point that they pay up. It will also make the VIP members feel like their money is going to good use if we get all the exclusive features and content. It makes perfect business sense, but of course nobody acknowledges any of this. They just want want want, and claim a company is evil and greedy whenever they charge money for anything.

duplissi2821d ago

well if you cant justify paying for something, then wouldnt it be considered overpriced?

Occupant11382821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Not everybody has a job you you douchebag. And some of us don't even have a bank acct. Yeah, I got a PS3 back when I had some money, I picked it up. But there is no way in hell I can afford PS Plus. I can barely afford to eat as it is.

thehitman2821d ago

Um.. idiot you dont have to buy it. Like he said its less than a game a year and you get free games included in the package with other nice content and discounts its probably the best for someone like you.. you know a broke a** kid.

rdgneoz32821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Crying that PS+ should be free is a dumb. The whole thing is completely optional seeing as you can use all the features you have today and still play games online for FREE. PS+ just gives you a few few games from the PSN and some DLC, with a few discounts on some games. You're not gonna be screwed over if you don't get it. For people that have gotten a bunch of PSN games already and DLC for games, they won't see much of a positive side to this, beyond maybe beta invites. Others might see it as a little incentive to try out some games they wouldn't have played before and buy them. Only way I could see people complaining is if they restricted online play to PS+ users (a.k.a. Gold members), which will never happen. Lastly, if you get it at the start, you're paying 50 dollars for 15 months (US users), its under 4 dollars a month. In the end, playing online with your friends (if you have any) is going to be free, which is what really matters.

DigitalAnalog2821d ago

Let's put it this way:

How good is PSN now that it's free?


How good would PSN+ be if it were a paying service?

-End statement

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