10 Reasons the Alien Movies Are the Biggest Influence on Video Games Ever

List the people who've had the biggest influence on video games since the early '80s. Right now. Do it.

Who have you come up with? Miyamoto? Kojima? Carmack? Newell? Mikami? Wrong on all counts. The only names you need are Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Dan O' Bannon and H.R. Giger. Because being brutally honest, the Alien movies have done far more to shape video games than anyone in the games industry ever has.

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RaymondM2911d ago

Fine holiday fun haha I totally agree with your article. They have taken a ton of things from the Alien franchise, and they've made games better. Hell, I still get goosebumps when I notice enemies on my radar since it always reminds me of the aliens closing in on the marines.

Also, both sergents are total bada**es

Quagmire2911d ago

1: Space marine
2: Space marine
3: Space marine
4: Space marine
5: Space marine
6: Space marine
7: Space marine
8: Space marine
9: Cryochamber
10: Space marine