PlayStation Network App Coming to Facebook; More PS3 Integration

Facebook was first incorporated into the PlayStation 3 experience back in November of last year as part of PS3 system software 3.10. It’s usefulness was limited, but with it came a promise of more features to be added as part of future firmware updates. Some new features are now here thanks to PS3 firmware update 3.40 which is due out within the next 24 hours.

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wolfehound222940d ago

Very cool. This is a lot better then simply putting purchases or trophies on your list. I may actually use these new features.

Razmossis2940d ago

Why am I getting the feeling that I'll still have to use my laptop if I actually want to post comments etc?

D4RkNIKON2940d ago

Even so, this will add PSN features to your facebook on your laptop. The app will show you who is online on PSN and view their profile. It is more of a PSN integration into FB rather than the other way around.

decimalator2940d ago

Question -- does the PS facebook app finally make Facebook useful?

King Hippo2940d ago

Hopefully they add a function that lets me remove this facebook garbage off of my PS3 completely. It's fucking stupid.

Sev2940d ago

Heh, I am going to have to agree with you on a personal level, and disagree with you on a business level.

Facebook is the most viewed website on the internet, having PlayStation plastered all over it is very smart business.

Nodoze2940d ago

I could care less where the sheeple are going online. In this case it happens to be facebook. Baaaaa.

Sony needs to focus on gaps in their service offerings.

supremacy2940d ago

cross voice chat, voice messages, Multiple ID log ins, Universal party system,Support for 3rd party browsers. That's all i care about, anything after that isn't important to me.

Majors2940d ago

Taking up valuable hdd space.
mybook yourspace pathetic, Whats happened to actual phsyical communication ie talking with your mouth

Mantiz2940d ago

I love using my mouth to post videos and music to people that live in other country's and keeping int contact with friends and relatives who are too busy to meet in person, and Valuable HDD space ? Do you have any idea how the firmware works ? this fits in a space ALREADY USED UP AND RESERVED BY FIRMWARE, Epic Fail comment dude

T3mpr1x2940d ago

It's still there, living just fine alongside these newer forms of communication.

decimalator2940d ago

Talking with your mouth is so 20th century. I prefer to talk with my ass.

Redempteur2940d ago

HDD SPACE ? don't you have gb & gb of data ? upgrade to a +300gb HDD and forget about managing space once and for all

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Nodoze2940d ago

Hey Sony, How about concentrating on features we can actually use like cross game chat? How about cloud save games?

Oh and Playstation Plus is a blatant money grab. Me thinks Sony is sleeping at the wheel again. Where is the google TV integration, something I WOULD pay for?

lonix2940d ago

Some people are just haters

Cajun Chicken2940d ago

I'm sure you can turn all it off. I did it once anyway.

MAiKU2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Uhm. You fools know all this stuff is optional right? And that it doesn't take up HDD space (It is just a web-connected signal that makes a post on your facebook).

I believe it's off at a default, and if not it's child's play to turn it off if you ever bother to look in your account management.

maddhatter1232940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

anyone who thinks it will be mandatory is not that bright. how can you expect them to make it mandtory when everyone does not use facebook? at least we don't have to pay to use it like on the 360 i bet no one complained about that.

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Neko_Mega2940d ago

I like just having my trophy's posted, I rarely get on FaceBook and when I'm on it. Well its just to write back to family members.

Neko_Mega2940d ago

Don't see how you can disagree on that but what ever floats your boat.

OmarJA-N4G2940d ago

XMB might become a Full OS in the future.

decimalator2940d ago

Have you ever thought about this? XMB is BMX spelled backwards. What does it mean? I don't know!

Oh, and the XMB is an interface on top of a full OS, the one that powers the PS3, a similar one that powers the PSP, and it also runs on top of the OS embedded in other Sony electronics... TVs, laptops, etc.

evilmonkey5012940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

I thought that WAS the we not judge OS's by their GUI's ?

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