Team DeathChat: Episode 7 – 6/28/2010 | Crush! Frag! Destroy!

Crush! Frag! Destroy!'s podcast, Team DeathChat, returns after minor delay: "Schedules be damned! Team DeathChat returns (albeit slightly delayed – two weeks is “slightly”, right?) with a show from the hoary deeps of the long distant past – just prior to the start of E3 2010.

"The usual crew is joined this week by long-silent CFD! editor, Nate Andrews, and talking words occur about Trauma Team, Guns of Icarus, Alpha Protocol, and Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. Not to mention YET MORE TALK about Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lost Planet 2 and Red Dead Redemption. Man, those games have got to wear out their welcomes eventually, right?"

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