101arena's Top 5's: Hardest Xbox achievements

101arena bring's you the five most difficult achievements to acquire on the xbox 360.

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omi25p3062d ago

Good list. If you where to have more you need seriously and seriously 2.0 from gears of war and gears of war 2.

Perjoss3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

7 day survivor is a good one. Surprised to see 'Little Rocket Man' not on that list, its both hard and epic :)

edit: yeah I would surely replace that fifa one at #5 with little rocket man.

karan86243062d ago

Number 1 is just insane. Stupid even

I remember I thought the Killzone 2 top 1% one was hard, but top 1...

Mista T3062d ago

yeah, lol. that's just ridiculous :P

iamgoatman3062d ago

Some of those are plain stupid, I hate achievements which are deliberately impossible or not thought through at all.

Mile high club wasn't that hard though, once you've got your tactics sorted, which are pretty simple, you just need a bit of luck and hope you don't get creamed on the upper level.

I remember there was an achievement in COD 3 to reach the highest rank in multiplayer, and someone worked out it would take roughly 500 hours to complete, and considering how awful that games multiplayer was, I think it should be on this list.

meganick3062d ago

The hardest achievement/trophy I've ever seen is for Mega Man 10. The achievement/trophy is for beating the entire game without taking any damage. That's rough.

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