Cheers, Nintendo. E3 2010 was YOUR show.


"Here’s to you, Nintendo. After three years of terrible, atrocious, “gag me with a cinderblock and gouge out my eyes with a spatula” E3 appearances, you finally came through. No, that’s not quite painting the full picture. You just didn’t just come through. You came through with one of the best E3s of all-time."

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Mastersnake102852d ago

Nintendo really did step their game up this year.

RememberThe3572852d ago

I still feel like they need to do more for the hardcore with their first-party, but the 3DS stole the show and they gave us some things to really look forward to.

Handhelds are Nintendos bread and butter and I have no doubt the 3DS will be Nintedos next big thing.

mikeslemonade2852d ago

Well it's kind of easy to save all there games one year. They had next to nothing for the past 3 years. Anyway I don't really care for the new zelda or donkey kong. Metroid looks interesting because i liked ninja gaiden. 3DS was good and they should have showed more of that.

MechaZain2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

The 3DS is why. Combination of it just being an amazing piece of hardware and the surprise that it came from the Kings of Casual made it jaw dropping.

games4thought2852d ago

Gotta say, it was a pretty great lineup. I might even buy a 3DS to play the new Kid Icarus.

Evil Adam2852d ago

Nintendo did have their best show in years but I still think that Sony showed the largest amount of new titles and games and overall entertained me more as well as provided me with the most new information gained at the show at their conference.

FlyWestbrook2852d ago

I don't know about that man. Microsoft's was pretty bad, but Sony didn't bring their best. And I love Sony. I felt dissappointed.

Seferoth752852d ago

It isnt about who was more entertaining. Sorry but its about games and hardware. Both of which Nintendo showed and it wasnt a copy of what someone else already did. Most of Sony's big games came out before their conference and Move is 4 years late. Their 3D might have done it had it not looked dated compared to the 3DS. Sure some people talk about their ad campaign but thats not a legit reason to win a gaming expo since you know he doesnt add to the value of owning a PS3. Its just clever marketing.


The author made me laugh at numerous spots. Pretty fun... read it.

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The story is too old to be commented.