PS3 Profitable, Price Cut Unlikely

In an interview with IGN, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, said the company is finally making money on every PS3 sold and there's no rush to bring the price down again.

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emil12912d ago

i predict price cut from 300$ to 200$ in fall 2011

ukilnme2912d ago

For that price, I predict a PS3 will be in almost every room in my house.

Tricksy2912d ago

Sounds reasonable.

End of 2011 PS3 at $199.99 with a bigger HD version at $249.99.

God knows I'd be the first to say I'd like to see it sooner. We will see if M$ spurs Sony to action with success from the Xbox 360 Slim and Kinect.


No, it's not reasonable.

Back on PS2, when they could have done it, they didn't take profit over console sold before it hit mass market price of 199.

PS3 is in the same strategy and still costs more than mass market price, if there is profit, there will be price cut.

Sony business model is to make their products profitable for them as much as to their partners, getting support back from partners that pay royalties and keeping the interest over both purchasing and support of their products on the rise. In other worlds, they aren't in for a quick buck, they prefere to sell more PS3 getting less money from it but more from everyplace else, than sell less PS3 and get more money from it and less from other sources.

If there is profit in each PS3 sold, either they just turned it back in black or they are hidding pricecut. Considering how well they did last year and how this year is even more important to them as they are setted to get past MS total saled consoles, are trying to push 3D into homes and are launching new hardware that almost make their console a launch again, I believe they can indeed cut the price this year.

Also every year had seen at least a new deal on PS3, if not pricecut, it's a version upgrade with better HDD. This year has seen none so far. Although one could argue they are bundling in Move with PS3 for 399 (50 bucks over their actual high end version price) making it a better deal, but Move and Eye alone are probably worth well over 75 bucks for Sony, and we still have to count the bundled game... I say the actual 120GB model is droping the price before Xmas from 299 to 249 US$.

They simply aren't going to spoil it before TGS or whenever they make the announcement.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

They need to design something more cheaper with same performance for the Manufacturer to make a cut of price and not loose money.

But I think the price is good ($299) according with the potent Hardware from PS3: CPU, GPU, 3D Blu ray and more.

sikbeta2912d ago

After GT5 Moving Loads of PS3 Bundles, This Games will be massively Bundled for The 3 Major Markets, I can't even Imagine How Crazy EU+JP will be for this Game and after that Madness there will be a $50 Price-cut and if they want by September/October 2011, The PS3 @ $200 will be Unstoppable...

bioshock12212912d ago

I doubt it they are barely just breaking even so I doubt the PS3 will be $100 cheaper to manufacture by 2011 a more reasonable price would be $250.

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Paradise Lost2912d ago

Max $250. For $300 it's already a great value.

Gitaroo2912d ago

they should at least phase out the 120 gig and make the 250 gig 300 to make the price closer to the new xbox.

despair2912d ago

i agree it won't be a price cut but added value like bigger hdd, hdmi cables(i think its already there), N-wireless card etc.

sikbeta2912d ago

There is More Value in a Blu-Ray Player than a 250GB HDD knowing that the PS3s don't Use Proprietary HDDs...

JRisburning2912d ago

Successful company means more games.

Newtype2912d ago

And exclusive bundles, like in Japan they got the FF XIII Pink PS3 and Pink DS3 with Lightning on the console. Looked nice.

mirroredderorrim2912d ago

I'm going to guess price reduction on all models by $50, in fall 2010, in preparation for PlayStation Move.

Trroy2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

They'll bump value with bigger HDDs before they drop the price of the cheap model.

250, 500GB models this holiday, or somesuch, but the 250GB will still be $300

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