PlayStation Plus starts today - Survey Inside

Today, Sony will launch the new PSN Service PlayStation Plus. Subscribers recieve access to special services and also have access to many free contents .... Survey about PlayStation Plus inside ...

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Prcko2886d ago

i don't have much psn games so this is awesome for me :D

pangitkqb2886d ago

I simply haven't seen what it does that justifies my $50. In the end, if they really do provide a compelling reason I'm admittedly all over it, but I just haven't seen good enough yet.

Beefstew4u2886d ago

Over $100 worth of games right off the bat kinda justifies it.

Jake3602886d ago

Yeh, but you can't download any one you want, you're given a select choice, and if you decide to unsubscribe then you can't play them again untill you pay another $50. I'm more than happy with my free PSN. :)

ActionBastard2886d ago

I pay Netflix $132 a year for movies I can't keep. $50 for PS+ is a deal.

Jake3602886d ago

Not when i can't choose what games i want, and compared to the free service it doesn't justify the $50 in my opinion.

M-Easy2886d ago

@ Jake360 you're not fooling anyone troll. Go back to the 360 page and leave ps3 stories alone. U know damn the service doesn't work like that.

Jake3602886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I'm not a troll, believe it or not I PREFER the PS3. My most anticipatd game of all time is Gran Turismo 5, so just because i don't feel the need in getting the premium service makes me a 360 fanboy right? Omg, some people on this site. I've posted my stance as a PS3 owner that the free PSN will do me great.

Oh, and the service does work like that, so i'd find out a bit more about the PSN premium because you might end up disapointed if you think you can just download any 4 games you want.

simplyRealistic182886d ago

"and if you decide to unsubscribe then you can't play them again untill you pay another $50. I'm more than happy with my free PSN"

no you dont have to subscribe for another year, you can just subscribe for a 3 month one and get to play the game,

the reason they do this is if people join for 1 time only and get all these free game and dont subscribe back, sony is losing money

atticus142886d ago

and its not like its 50 a month to play one game, its 50 for a year and you dont have to worry with resubbing till another year. In xbox live threads you would surely be reminded that it only amounts to $4.16 a month.

access to 48 games for 50 bucks over the course of the year is a great deal, and if the service stays the same it only gets better the more years your subscribing - you really amass quite the library.

In the first month alone LBP and wipeout HD warrant my purchase..I already have lbp, so i'll just sell my current one, to knock down the price of the sub.

2886d ago
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FreeFalling2886d ago

There are two reasons PSN+ doesn't appeal to me.

1)All of the "free" games given to you every month ends after the year is up you PAID $50 a year for. Sure the random games given to you outweighs the $50, but you see, the games are ones Sony chooses to give to you, they're not even by choice. You might end up with games you don't even want.

2)I doubt you're gonna be playing those games a whole lot when you have complete/full games to buy for your PS3. The games PSN+ gives are more like secondary options when you're bored w/ the games you already have, and to me $50 doesn't cut it. ESPECIALLY since it may not even be games I want.

Okay, I don't mean to encite flames, but can I get a decent response to these complaints?

ToastyMcNibbles2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

understandable but theres other things to consider as well like automatic updates, discounts on other psn games or add-on content, early access to demos or betas, if you're not a member of qore you'll get the monthly episodes, an hour full game trial, dynamic themes and avatars most of which will be exclusive to plus members and other features that sony will be adding to plus

i have tons of psn games and i know a lot of the games sony will offer will be games i already have and that will suck but the automatic update stuff and early betas, hour demos, themes and discounts are what appeal to me as well and the fact that they will add more features is more incentive for me

FreeFalling2886d ago

But would you say that all those things are worthy of a $50 price tag? Especially when Sony chooses what they want and don't want to include in their PSN+ to give to it's users.

ToastyMcNibbles2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

im actually trying to figure that out myself lol some of it appeals to me but im trying to figure out if its worth shelling out 50 bucks right now mainly because i have tons of psn games and what they will offer will most likely be stuff i already have but at the same time the automatic updates really has my attention as well as the discounts on other psn content...

i guess for someone who doesn't buy a lot of stuff from the psn store it would be worth it for the 4 games a month.. for someone like me who already buys a bunch of stuff its tough to figure out but i also am keeping in mind that they will add more features to the service... not to mention that US members get an extra 3 months free at the end of the year which is really nice

Elwenil2886d ago

Core is $25 a year so that right there cuts the PSN+ price in half IF you are interested in Core. To me, Core isn't worth the $25 a year, but to get it bundled in with PSN+, it sweetens the pot. As for the free games, sure you may get a few that are not great games and maybe even a few that you may already own, but couple the freebies with the discounts and it still adds up to a good value. The good news is, you don't have to buy it. I have a feeling that you are not going to see any response to your complaints since you seem to have already made up your mind. The bottom line is, if you like PSN+, it's a good value, if you don't think it's for you then there is no reason to buy it or complain about it. Just my .02

princejb1342886d ago

sony should add bc compatible to psn plus
that way a whole lot of people would purchase it

TooTall192886d ago

There aren't any retail games I'm looking forward to coming out this year on ps3. For $50 I get cool features like my ps3 waking up to download something and then shutting down when it's done. I like Beta testing. I play a lot of demos, and all the gameplay I will get from PS+ would easily cover the cost by itself. Most importantly it will give me something to look forward to every month.

AnonUser55552886d ago

I COMPLETELY disagree with your #2 point. Have you never played PSN or XBL download games? They can be a LOT of fun, and provide a completely different experience. They're designed to be more "pickup and play" and for shorter periods of time (sometimes).

I love videogames. But I don't wanna always fire up a lengthy, story-heavy game. Sometimes I've got 20 mins to burn and I wanna fire up a sweet arcade-style game.

Some of my favorite PSN games:
Fat Princess
Shatter (awesome!)
Super Stardust HD
And the list goes on...

All awesome games and worth your time & money. Don't be so narrow-minded.

blackpanther252886d ago

I was gonna get qore cause i like beta testing and that was $25 and beside i like dynamic backgrounds, new avatars, and etc....i just never wanted to actually buy all that i'll get it for free......and i dont know bout you but im college obtaining my masters in occupational therapy.....i dont have time to play full games so i buy a lot of psn games and share it with my brothers(they have their own ps3)

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tinybigman2886d ago

i don't buy many games off PSN so this seems like a cool deal to me.

gunnerforlife2886d ago

an hour full game trial,

im liking the sound of that!

especially if it means i can try out EA games and see if i like them, without having to pay 10 pounds for a code...(or is it only Sony Exclusive games that are 1 hour???)

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jay22886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I WAS going to get this tomorrow, but the first 2 months of offers don't intrest me (apart from MediEvil), so I'll sit tight till at least September.

T9X692886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Same here, first 2 months just doesn't appeal to me what so ever.

If PS+ Offers a Twisted Metal beta I'm sold lol

jay22886d ago

Maybe we'll get a Twisted M BETA or some other cool BETA's really soon, I also hope we get more of the features in the survay

jaredhart2886d ago

Not completely sold on PSN Plus.

Jack Klugman2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

All that free content that should be in Qore for the people who paid the yearly subscription.

So if you buy PSN+ and Qore is included what was the Qore sub for? Or are both going to get the exact same exclusive/early content?

They seem desperate to create revenue streams since they have committed to their fan base to keep online gaming free now all the freeloaders are going to have to wait forever for content because Qore and PSN+ people need to have it all early.

People seem to think that Sony is going to give you things earlier when it reality they are just going to make everyone else wait that much longer.

I've seen it happen with XBL and it all started the same way.. Trying to justify a paid sub with only so much exclusive/limited content.

jjesso19932886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

comparing xbl and psn plus is stupid to experience the most out of xbox 360 is to pay gold psn plus is for people who want extra stuff xbl gold gives you stuff that should be free. online has work for free on pc for very long time half the the money sony make of royalties of ps3 games/ps3 products would pay for psn and all the money there making on the psn store movies/games you just sound like M$ fanboy trying to condone paying money for xbl.

Nodoze2886d ago

Please see PSN+ for what it is...a money grab. Sony is testing their users to see how many of them are gullible enough to fall for this 'rental' program. If everyone was new to PSN it might make sense, however this service offers nothing to longer term members of the network (most of whom already have the selected titles). This is a chance for Sony to monetize/rent slow moving PS Store content and nothing more. How about adding useful features like; cloud saves, and or cross game chat. Without them this is destined for failure, just like Home.

jjesso19932886d ago

lol is that your second account Jack Klugman How are people gullible if saving money in the long run you spending £40 for loads of games a year yes if dont renew you lose that but why would you not renew when your saving about £160 a year its good for people who big buyers of psn games and new people ps3 and theres 100'000 of new people every week. now why do you sit asking for cloud support in psn + cross game chat people like you will make sony think its acepteble to pay for those service when those features should free.

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