Some Perspective on 3DS

1up: Has it really been six years since Nintendo debuted the DS hardware at E3 to a hesitant press and grim forebodings? How far we've come. The 3DS's public debut last week at E3 was a far cry from its predecessor's first showing back at my very first E3. The new machine is a slick, solid piece of gaming hardware that wowed everyone. Seriously, I don't know a single person who wasn't impressed, and most of those people don't even like handheld gaming. Compared to the E3 2004 prototype DS, a sorry-looking piece of cheap plastic whose value was difficult to communicate, the 3DS might as well be from a different company altogether.

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SupaGamer2916d ago

I find it silly that it's criticized for having Ps2 level graphics. Ps2 level graphics is slightly better than the PSP.

Simonkey752916d ago

Don't think he was criticizing the graphics for being PS2/PSP level, rather that if someone else comes out with another handheld soon sporting something like a tegra board, then the 3DS' graphical power is going to look out of date before its even got going. Of course, that never stopped the original DS, or the Wii for that matter, so I don't think Nintendo have much to worry about. It'll probably just result in a whole new round of "My handheld is more powerful than yours" fanboism.

TruthbeTold2916d ago

Not to mention 3D... That's the most important element.

PirosThe4th2916d ago

if it was running in 2d it might had had way better graphics... since the screen resolution is cut in half for the effect being lower than psp.
3D on a handheld is stupid IMO. I might still get it since the games look sweet.