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If you've exhausted the library of stellar games that 2010 has already produced and are looking for something to help bridge the gap into this fall, Singularity isn't a bad choice. The gunplay is solid and there are a few memorable set pieces. It is a game ultimately limited by a lack of imagination where a neat time-manipulation idea is handcuffed to a by-the-numbers first-person shooter.

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rumplstilts2942d ago

I was hoping for a higher score. Still might pick it up.

Akagi2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Or you could judge the game for yourself instead of IGN.

Downtown boogey2942d ago

You mean he should buy the game, play it, and then decide whether to buy it or not?

rumplstilts2942d ago

I haven't seen a whole lot of gameplay, I have seen two trailers so at the moment this is the best I have to go by. And th video store we go to (small town) just closed down so renting it isn't a great option.

TheGameFoxJTV2942d ago

That's how people found out if a game is good or not before these "Gaming Journalist" started directing people's money.

Parapraxis2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Actually Feral_Kitsune,
Guess what people who write magazines are called...journalists. And I guess since you are reading reviews in a game-related magazine you could even refer to them as "gaming journalists"

Damn them for giving me a good overview of games and critical feedback before I spend my hard earned money! Damn them all! /s

Most hardcore gamers would have used magazines before big sites like IGN came along, combined with word of mouth and renting first.

Well at least that's what I used to do. Maybe you weren't gaming since the late 80's though.

UltraNova2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

@ Parapraxis

In those days(late 80s, early 90s)where I come from the only option we had was to go to the shop look through the games there, read the back of the box and decide.. thats about it.. Sometimes we were lucky enough for a game to be on display in the shop! Yeah fun stuff indeed...

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Perjoss2942d ago

Singularity is from the people that brought us Soldier of Fortune, Jedi Knight 2, the newest Wolfenstein game and Quake 4. So you know roughly what to expect. I'm a bit of a Raven fan so I'm looking forward to playing this.

halfassgaming2942d ago

If you want to see gameplay from it, check out my review on this site.

PoSTedUP2942d ago

i already know the games i am getting this year unless something in my interest pops up, all these other games like singualrity i will eventually play, even if its 2 years later for $10 out of the bargain bin. so the 7.0 dosent mean anything because i like to play every game i can, so even if this game gets a 10/10, its still just on my bucket list with the same interest. i heard red dead redemption was amazing, but like i said, i wasent looking foward to it so i will eventually get to later when it hits the bargain bin.

depends how much moeny you have and what kind of a gamer you are. im not gunna go out and buy every game that get 10/10. those #'s mean nothing to me.

Jack-Pyro2942d ago

"This seems a hell of a lot like Bioshock!"

gfunkera102942d ago


So whose got the juice now?

Derekvinyard132942d ago

i remeber the article that said if a game was a 7 or below would you buy it. im wondering how may people will actually buy this

Icyhot2942d ago

A 7 from IGN = 4 or 5 in general.... IGN hands out 9 like toffees, so 7 is rather disappointing.

cyclindk2942d ago

THAT... is SO retarded, freaking using "time manipulation" technology to get over a FREAKING chain link fence....

"Oh, let me use the most sophisticated technology conceivable to move this crate so I can get over this fence," retarded freaking developer freaks..


Downtown boogey2942d ago

What would Jesus do with it?

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