E3 2010 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Hands-On Preview

Kingdom Hearts Union writes, "While Square Enix lacked any big surprises for Kingdom Hearts fans at E3 2010, they did at least bring a fully translated version of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep with them to the show floor. We checked up on the Square Enix booth to get some more hands-on time with Birth by Sleep, as the last time we had played it was Tokyo Game Show 2009, shortly before the game's Japanese release."

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Hardedge2822d ago

I hope they fix the level design issues..

jammers2822d ago

Yeah, the levels seem way too big and empty.

mephman2822d ago

It still seems like it'll be better than 358/2 Days though.

Spenok2822d ago

I pretty much have no doubt that it will be better then 358/2 days. That game was actually pretty good, but this one. No doubt man.

JDouglasGU2822d ago

looking good, definitely going to have to get into Kingdom Hearts soon

Jack Klugman2822d ago

Still waiting for some news on the PS3/360 HD version of Kingdom Hearts!

Need info.

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