Final Fantasy Versus XIII scenario complete, confirms Dengeki [+scan]

Scrawl: "Last week’s Famitsu interview with Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura was followed up with a similar interview in this week’s Dengeki PlayStation. While the contents of the interview were mostly the same, there were some important tidbits mentioned in Dengeki that missed the Famitsu coverage."

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ClownBelt2819d ago

Meh..nothing really important. TGS is on Sept right? Damn..I simply cannot wait for that. It's already shaping to be much bigger than E3 2010

Stunt2819d ago

I hear you. I'm expecting a HUGE gameplay blowout for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

I want to hear about RPG after RPG. That is all!

Reibooi2819d ago

I am hoping to see Versus shown at TGS and I mean really shown not in the closed theater that normal people don't ever get to see. I want something released for everyone to see. Preferably game play footage.

I also want more details on The Last Guardian. Maybe see some game play and hope for a release date that's not super fare away.

The last thing I really wanna see is a formal announcement of Persona 5.
We know they are working it but we don't know what it's for and when it's coming. I would really like to see it sometime soon but it's hard to tell until we know more.

Stunt2819d ago

Persona 5 would make me tinkle my trousers.

ShinMaster2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Definitely! Persona 5 would be awesome.
And I'm also highly interested in FFVersus, hoping that it has what the previous XIII missed and screwed up IMHO.

Oh, and of course, The Last Guardian.

Hellsvacancy2819d ago

Yeah, FF-Versus and The Last Guardian gameplay/release date would bring me 2 my knees

OmarJA-N4G2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Get the 360 version, 4 DVDs, 560p & compressed CG videos, seems good & match your standard.

Cold 20002819d ago ShowReplies(4)
King Hippo2819d ago

It sounds like the big announcement will be a same day release for all regions after all. Probably a lot sooner than we expect too.

Myze2819d ago

I thought I remember reading a long time ago that Versus was going to have a worldwide release date. Of course, that was over a year ago, and things could have changed since then (and I could have never seen it at all).

Either way, I think I can wait a little while longer for the release (but not too much longer), but I would really love to see some gameplay videos.

Ryuha1234h2819d ago

Flop game

just kidding people

Gene2819d ago

can't wait nomura gave birth to the psone this is going to be ps3 only.

IrishAssa2819d ago

Nomura gave birth to the psone?

lpfisher2819d ago

Yeah, Cesarean Section. The damn thing wouldn't come naturally sooo...

Myze2819d ago

I have no idea what he means, but maybe he's talking about Nomura being the artist behind FF7, which was by far the biggest RPG release for the ps1 at the time? I don't really know, Nomura definitely did not "give birth" to the ps1.

IrishAssa2819d ago

That's what I mean. People are under the impression Nomura is the main man behind FF7-10. He's not.

His games are the KH series and soon to be Versus.
So he didn't give birth to PS1 or anything in particular(besides KH).
Hope he gets versus right

Lirky2819d ago

thats good airships,worldmap,towns npcs to talk to.

nostalgia ff is back.

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