Tournament Of Legends A Wii Exclusive, For Now

Tournament of Legends is coming out exclusively for the Nintendo Wii in just over a month, but High Voltage Software, the developers of the game, have declared that they're already investigating other possibilities.

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Selyah2941d ago

Interesting still I suppose we'll see a fair few developers considering and doing the same later with wii titles.

Hardedge2941d ago

It's pretty exhausting, but fun :P Would be neat if they brought it over to the other 2 consoles.

Spenok2940d ago

I agree, lets hope they give it an HD port. I just hope they give it regular controller support.

Kyll2941d ago

when I think Wii exclusive, I move on xD

Gr812941d ago

Here you are in the Wii news section.

rdgneoz32941d ago

Not really just the "Wii news section". It was listed under "(High Voltage Software, Kinect, Playstation Move, PS3, Sega, Tournament of Legends, Wii, Xbox 360)", so you can't blame him for commenting.

Eskimo Keith2941d ago

Perhaps they'll change the gameplay to a more 1st person perspective, or maybe their current design would suffice to incorporate a more 1 to 1 battle system between the player and the game. Interesting stuff.

SpoonyRedMage2941d ago

Nah, it was originally going to be a motionplus game and they moved away from that.

The game you described would just be Rage of the Gladiator for the Wiiware though.

mephman2941d ago

Actually, they only got the Wii MotionPlus dev kits once they've got all the gameplay concepts down. Hence why they chose not to implement it, they would have had to go back to square one.

SpoonyRedMage2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Really? Then they lied to us, originally they said it was to be motion plus based(back when it was Gladiator AD) and they said they took it out because it would be unbalanced(with the nunchuk).

They also said they had motion plus(es) towards the later stages of The Conduit development, which I think was before the game was announced....

@V: Are you sure they weren't referring to The Conduit actually? I remember them saying they didn't have time to implement it in The Conduit.

mephman2941d ago

Intriguing, definitely intriguing.

AEtherbane2941d ago

There is move and kinect, and we know HVS is all about motion controls.

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ShapelyChops2941d ago

Well if they're not porting it over, it sounds like they'll have something coming out for them fairly soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.