Iwata says Nintendo games on iPhone would devalue his company

Nintendo has had an interesting year so far when it comes to comments and reactions to growing competition from the iPhone. Back in March, the official company line was that Apple wasn’t hurting their sales. Then in May, rumors surfaced that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has told his execs that Apple was “the enemy of the future.” Now, Iwata has publicly denounced the possibility of Nintendo games appearing on other mobile devices like the iPhone.

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ClownBelt2943d ago

Apple execs are probably the most obnoxious pieces of shit in the industry. They were even blaming the users for their failure on the iPhone 4 signal lost defect.

jdktech20102943d ago

I have had an iphone for 3 years and I agree.....I was thinking about verizon and droid before but I think I'm about 95% on the way to Verizon in August to get the Droid X....I didn't appreciate Apples response at all

Kalowest2943d ago

Why the Hell would Nintendo, went to put its franchises on the iphone, especially Pokemon. Nintendo is the HHK.

N4GAddict2943d ago

Yeah, it doesn't make any sense.

giovonni2943d ago

oooooh please nintendo, I had Super mario on my iphone first gen and it was a good
joint cut it out. Just say you don't like apple

Liquid_Ocelot2943d ago

Jajajajajajajaja xD spoken like a true motherf*cker(in a good way!! Don't get it twisted!!) Hi5 to Nintendo!!

I truly want a Macbook Pro and all that blah blah blah, but don't get me wrong FU*K(yes with CAPS :P) Apple® they act like they're 'oh so highly' and shit :S

Terarmzar2943d ago

It does not matter if the want to or not because they already have have Nintendo games on the i phone ( Jail-broken of course) there's an emulator for every Nintendo hand-held except DS and even has some of there old console games like the Nes and so forth.