Kinectimals what?! It’s All About Invizimals!

GamesOnSmash gets a walk-through of Invizimals, the new augmented reality game from Novamara.

And we all know fighting with animals is better than awkwardly petting them, am I right?

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Mucudadada2825d ago

Haha, ya. IN the walk-through I told him it was like a cooler Pokemon.

BannedForNineYears2825d ago

Poor ClownBelt.
What happened to your bubbles?
Wait, what happened to my bubbles?! D:

Kinect's "Kinectimals" will be bought by hardcore gamers.
Why? For the achievements! :D
You'll see.

Spenok2825d ago

LMAO, i wouldnt be suprised if this happened. Though it will be by a select few instead of the masses.

Lex_Yayo_4072825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I don't like Pokemon, maybe because I wasn't in the era of the Pokemon.

T9X692825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

When I was in school if you didn't like Pokemon you was a geek, now if you do like Pokemon you are a geek. Even though I'm almost 21 years old, I can't deny the games are fun as hell, not sure about the new ones but the old ones are.

rezzah2825d ago

Lol yea, it came out like when i was in grade three, and it was the biggest thing youve ever seen. Lol i bet nothing will ever have a impact on kids like Pokemon once did when it came out.

Jack Klugman2825d ago

Figures these hypocrites would come and start praising this Pokemon/Snap clone. While bashing Kinectimals as an EyePet clone. At least GoM is not pretending to be unbiased any longer.

Mucudadada2825d ago

Lol, how in the world is this a Pokemon Snap clone? There was no augmented reality in Pokemons Snap. They are in no way similar.

sikbeta2825d ago

Pokemon was First, Then Eyepet came out in October 2009 in Europe, Then Invizimals came out in November 2009 and kinectimals is not even out yet, if you're trying to "defend" kinectimals you're in the worst position and you're no-1 to call people hypocrites...

OmarJA-N4G2825d ago

Totally agree with you let me click on "Agree" ops sorry i clicked on "Disagree". :)

Never mind I'll give you bubble ops reported you by mistake, damn slow internet connection. :)

bjornbear2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

it was actually fun, but its nothing to do with this.

pokemon snap was an on rails "shooter" per se

if anything, afrika is a bigger rip off

in this game you actually walk around in a physical space yourself, and if im not mistaken you also use them to fight eachother , very much ala traditional pokemon MEETS pokemon snap.

but fine, what ever justifies your distress over an awesome game and the defamation of your beloved kinectimals

go play with skittles maybe that will make things better

2825d ago
darkdoom30002825d ago

what? If I remember correctly Pokemon snap is a picture taking game, you take. 'snap'shots of pokemon. I dont remember any combat. Or an actual real life camera.

Afrika was more like snap.

Ilikegames762825d ago

from Jack. Shoo, go away!

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Godmars2902825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

And still I wonder why the PSPgp didn't have an internal camera.

Much less why they're putting this game out in the US now when its been out for at least a year in the EU.

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