Missing In Action: The Case of Resistance 3

Irish Gaming Site writes:

"In the first of a new weekly post here on TGL we are going to take a look at games that have gone MIA, games that have fallen between the cracks and games that we can safely assume are in development but have yet to be announced by their developers. Let’s get the ball rolling with an example of the latter. This is Missing in Action: The Case of Resistance 3."

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farhsa20082946d ago

Resistance is mt fav franchise on the ps3, cant wait for R3!!!

WhittO2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Ye I was gutted that Resistance 3 wasn't at E3 :(.

I have a feeling they will announce it in August or something and wanted to do it after the mess of news from E3, that way they would get more coverage/attention on their game.

Plus, I think they are taking their time with this 1 and are taking previous criticisms into account - personally I thought the both R1&R2 were great!

The main improvement I want is a graphics boost.

tinybigman2946d ago

Mr. Price said that they wanted more development time to really give us a great polished game. i think if we don't see it at Gamescon then we'll probably see it at next years E3.

sikbeta2946d ago

I think it wasn't on E3 because KZ3 is Going First this Time and it's the Game that Push 3D and at the same time Giving Insomniac More Time to
Make a Better Game...

Corepred42946d ago

resistance is pretty bad ass. i loved the first one, don't know how many hours i put on multiplayer. 2nd was a letdown, just didn't like the direction they took. i'm hoping the 3rd one goes back to the way the first one was.

Proxy2946d ago

I'm surprised at the almost universal opinion that R1 was better than R2. That really says something. I'd almost prefer R2 be ignored and they can resume R3 with proper story telling like the first.

I thought R1 was great as my first PS3 game and my first return to the FPS genre after years of ignoring it.

raztad2946d ago

When KZ3 was unveiled I knew R3 was meant to stay hidden for some more time.

Having 2 FPS franchises released very close each other means no good sales for one of them. I expect past KZ3 launch, at E3 2011, R3 finally gets the limelight.

That would give Insomniac enough time to make the third iteration one of the best in every category. Resistance has great potential, R2 was fun albeit a tad disappointing, but R:Fom and R:R were really good. R3 will be a masterpiece.

Miraak82 2946d ago

it's the one game I was really looking forward to hearing about from E3 /sigh

Cajun Chicken2946d ago

Resistance is a flawed franchise but is damn right fun. I just hope the gameplay mechanics is more like the first this time around. As for the ending of Resistance 2...blimey.

Prcko2946d ago

cmon res 3 where is it :((

Coheno2946d ago

R2 disappointed, but I'm still looking foreward to R3 a lot.

That said, I relly expected Insomniac to announce the game at E3, and for it to come out sometime early 2011 now that they're on a longer productioncycle. So is Sony saving it for GamesCom? Can't be TGS! Or GDC?

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The story is too old to be commented.