On-Live ...D.O.A.? - So let me start this off by saying OnLive works for all practical purposes when it comes to gaming. I was a pretty big skeptic, but I am a believer in the tech. It is solid and it really does provide a good gaming experience for the average consumer. I signed up to their initial registration, and have explored the services top to bottom.

Read on to see my full impression

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DrRobotnik2944d ago

Physically owning = OK, DD = OK, Streaming your supposedly owned game, not OK.

poopface12944d ago

it relies on internet, and doesnt even have wi-fi support.

There is pretty much no market for this thing, IMO.

UltimateSanto2943d ago

Becouse Wifi = Delay, you can't play on onlive with delay.

MasterChief36242943d ago

Woah... I didn't know you still had to pay for the games. I thought the subscription fee was all you needed to pay, and the games you wanted to play on the service would be there for you to play anytime...

I thought it was going to be a very GameTap-like service, but if you actually have to pay full price for the games you get off of the "cloud" (supposedly owned, as you said), that's just plain ridiculous.

That small detail just put all my doubts back in full gear. :\

barakiu2943d ago

for a full-fledged cable t.v. like service for gaming.

30 dollars a month giving you access to most every game in full, with some premium packages or one time payments for special content or the newest games similar to the theater to dvd treatment movies have.

it's more reasonable than 50-60 dollars per game.

MEsoJD2943d ago

has it ever been alive?

vhero2943d ago

Wow monthly fee and you have to pay full RRP for games?? EPIC FAIL.

FarEastOrient2943d ago

The games for OnLive have an expiration date also, like two years and the game goes back into the bin for repurchase.

JJMeH2943d ago

if i recall correctly, they can "retire" games as well.

So not only do you pay full retail for it, but you hardly own the game as well. If they decide to take it off their servers, you are left without access to it.

Same applies if they close up too, everything you purchased was for nothing.

I would rather actually own the physical media thanks.

MNicholas2943d ago

As I've been saying for a long time, the infrastructure is simply not there for this.

Their best bet is to partner with Verizon or other ISP and have it hosted at the ISP's datacenter to reduce latency/lag/bandwidth.

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andron6662944d ago

I don't think the technology is there just yet...

HarryM2943d ago

I didn't even know OnLive was released when the release date hit. Man, this product hasn't gotten much media exposure has it?

rwarner1742943d ago

You have to start somewhere. I think this is an academic exersise more than anything.

Stuart57562943d ago

It's expensive to keep traffic down, they're pretty much Beta testing it at this stage.

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