6 Videogame Sequels That Are Nothing Like The Original

Dorkly takes a humorous look at the dubious follow-up titles to your favorite games.

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T9X692760d ago

"Why Is It a Pac-Man Game?: I have no idea. To be fair, this is barely even a game."

I liked it, then again I was a kid.

koehler832760d ago

Super Mario Bros. 2 was not a Mario game in Japan. Mario 2 in Japan was exactly like Super Mario Bros., only insanely hard. It was released in the SNES compilation All-Stars as The Lost Levels.

BannedForNineYears2760d ago

US's SMB2 was completely different compared to SMB1.
The Lost Levels was a pretty game.

Mista T2760d ago

memories! lol. fun, funny game

Prcko2760d ago

super mario isn't yes

2760d ago
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