State of the Video Game Console War

Gamer Investments: It’s been two years since the last time we stepped back and took a look at the console war from both a sales and financial perspective. Since then we have found out that the video game industry might not be “recession proof” but it is certainly “recession resistant” and has held up significantly better than other sectors of the economy.

With all that has happened in the industry over the last two years I thought it would be a good time to update the charts and see who’s in the lead, who has turned it around and who hasn’t...

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SuperStrokey11232942d ago

Nintendo is still waxing everyone, that is all.

brazilianbumpincher2942d ago

its the sales comments that make me laugh,like they get a royalty off of every console sold..

BakedGoods2942d ago

...for those who can't buy every system there is most definitely something to fight for. Fanboys are fighting to prove their judgement was right with whatever console they bought.

Unfortunately fighting to prove themselves right blinds them to the spectacular games on other systems. God of War, Alan Wake and Killzone to name a few.

Apocalypse Shadow2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

it took nintendo 5 years to give its core gamers bread the beginning it was just gamecube ports for what is essentially,a redesigned gamecube.

miyamoto and nintendo haven't won any awards for their games or have created any new IPS for their fanbase.for a company with lots of money,you would think there would be more content.still can't watch high def movies,online still blows and the system still lacks a true representation of a motion control game.but who cares.nintendo sold 70 million consoles.why are they making money hand over fist?they sold you the same tech all over again.just like nes-GBC/N64-NDS/snes-GBA/gamec it's virtualboy-N3DS.same tech,new way to play it.nintendo cashes in.

microsoft has shown that they can redesign their system over and over and their fanbase will buy it hoping for a reliable system that should have been that way at launch.they can promise core games for a camera,they can promise sitting down games,they can promise 4 player and online play,but you can dangle a carrot for so long until the rabbit gets tired.

want to see consistency?how about making bluray about making hdmi's having reliability within industry's having the best looking exclusives and getting awards for about making 256 players possible on console.when before,40 and 60 was the about making 3D possible as hdmi 1.3 was built in at about making new after new IP from mod nation racers,flower,pixel games,infamous,echochrome,LBP, last guardian,uncharted,etc.every new E3,TGS and gamescom,sony has a new IP.

nintendo may be leading,microsoft may be able to spend lots of money making you think they are leading.but consistency?i'll take that for 10 years over the other two.

Cold 20002942d ago Show
ChozenWoan2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

+1 2u sir.

To cold
didn't you learn from the oldest Billy Goat Gruff...
nuff said.

Mahr2942d ago

"miyamoto and nintendo haven't won any awards for their games"

What exactly are these awards that you seem to put so much stock into?

'Towards the end of 2007, Super Mario Galaxy was named Game of the Year by IGN, GameSpot, Nintendo Power, GameTrailers, Edge and Yahoo! Games. On February 7, 2008, the game received the "Adventure Game of the Year" award from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences at the Interactive Achievement Awards.'

"created any new IPS for their fanbase"

Ah, yes, the usual fake outrage over the perceived lack of new IPs. That's why you ignore all of the original IPs that actually come out on Nintendo systems. Because you care so much about them.

Also, capitalization is our friend; not our enemy.

Apocalypse Shadow2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

no one cares.

you speak of new ips.but you did not list any.the industry has been recognizing sony for uncharted.from presentation,production,qualit y.not riding the same character for 25 would think mario and luigi would have gotten married and had children.even mickey mouse has a girlfriend.mario is still playing with his own pipes.

LBP...recognized again by the industry for innovation.not taking mario and adding 4 player to a 2D game.wii motion plus was added.but there is no game released that gives you the impression it's any better with it.

great for their bottom line,but nintendo sells you the same thing over and over like disneyland.maybe that's their thing,but i grew out of it long ago.and even disneyland adds new content unlike nintendo.

sales don't equal quality.and nintendo is definitely not being recognized for it when it comes to games.not like years ago when they gen is about moving forward.pushing the envelope.i don't see them moving in any way forward.but again,sony is doing it.and they are making less money.

air12942d ago Show
N4g_null2942d ago

Well to be fair nintendo is not even finish putting out their back catalog of ips that people love. I mean this is the first gen anyone even cared about sony's first party games.

On top of all that consistency is no pack in move controllers and no 2d games for us old schoolers, arcade racers and no bc for the ps2 gamers that bought 4 ps2s just to play a handful of games.

The only thing consistent has been the fans claiming Sony was going to come back or Sony pertty much trying to put features in a gameconsole just to stay relavant.

How many games where annouced?
Why is the Sony line up dominated by only a handful of games that get sequels? Why are they not trying to get new gamers?

To the really hardcore we only want games not friggin features. Pc have endless features and they play blu rays who cares.

It's like they forgot we love other types of games also. Come on Sony your almost there damn it!

Keep your core happy but find out what others want also.

Also Sony fans stop drowning people with disinterest in the ps3 out. If Sony shuts them up then they will gladly put the money down for the system. We did it for the ps2. Why not the ps3, so far a lot of these games have come to the wii like demon blade sin and pun, and various vc games. The dreamcast stuff should have been there day one yet who hasn't played all those games yet?

Sony needs to hear from the poeple that are not being catered to.

With out trolls does nintendo put out one of the best e3s ever no. Almost every game there came off a wish list.

Mahr2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

"if you want to do comment correcting,go become a teacher.
no one cares."

Ah, the 'No one cares about expressing themselves in a coherent way' argument. Haven't seen that one in the last three days.

"you speak of new ips.but you did not list any"

Because it is obvious that you do not care about anything except being a hardline console warrior, much as you do not care about basic literacy or facts.

But if it will make you feel better, Elite Beat Agents, The Last Story, the Art Style series, Zangeki no Reglen, Glory of Heracles, Endless Ocean, Soma Bringer, Another Code, Trauma Center, Captain Rainbow, Nintendogs, Disaster Day of Crisis, Professor Layton, the Wii brand, FlingSmash, and Sin and Punishment.

You want I should list the games to come out of the Gamecube/GBA era?

"the industry has been recognizing sony for uncharted.from presentation,production,qualit y"

Right, the industry -- nice job keeping it vague and avoiding listing anything *specific* -- recognized Sony for stuff. This is true.

But you're saying that nothing Nintendo has come out with has won awards, which as I proved above is demonstrably false. This is what is known as 'lying' on your part, by the way. I suppose next you'll say 'become a lawyer! no one cares about the truth!'

"not riding the same character for 25 would think mario and luigi would have gotten married and had children.even mickey mouse has a girlfriend.mario is still playing with his own pipes."

As I pointed out above, Nintendo has plenty of non-Mario IPs. The fact that you don't want to talk about any of them and would rather focus on Mario supports my argument more than it does yours.

"LBP...recognized again by the industry for innovation."

LBP did not invent or popularize level editors. I'm sorry.

"great for their bottom line,but nintendo sells you the same thing over and over like disneyland.maybe that's their thing,but i grew out of it long ago."

Maybe one day you can grow out of blind loyalty to an electronics brand, too.

"sales don't equal quality."

Right, which is why I mentioned the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Oh, wait, they're not conforming to your world-view, so they don't equal quality either!

"and nintendo is definitely not being recognized for it when it comes to games."

You talk about recognition, but you don't tell me who's not recognizing Nintendo, or how they're not doing so. 'Sales mean nothing!' Well, what about popularity? Oh, wait, the games are hugely popular. 'Popularity means nothing!' Well, what about consumer reception? Oh, wait, the games are very well-received by the people who buy them. 'Consumer reception means nothing!' Well, what about reviews by critics? Oh, wait, Galaxy 2 most well-reviewed game ever. 'Reviews mean nothing!'

Well, what about pleasing console warriors who derive their identity from their purchasing habits and complaining on message boards? Okay, you got me there.

turok2942d ago

Well said mate bubbles+ for u.

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pangitkqb2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

and PC is making an interesting comeback via Digital Distribution and services like Steam that have basically created Xbox Live/PSN for PC.

The point I'm really making is that the games industry, as a whole, is far bigger than just the PS3 vs. 360 that we hear about so much on sites like this. It seems that fans of both the Ps3 and 360 forget that both companies are fighting tooth and nail (and making very little money in the process) for SECOND PLACE.

I own all current consoles and love them for their respective strengths, however, when we really look at facts the undisputed "winner" this gen is Nintendo and, arguably, a few software companies that have scored big.

04soldier2942d ago

I can buy every system. I choose not to because I believe the console I own already does everything. I argue my opinion on n4g because I believe in the all around quality of the Ps3.

N4g_null2942d ago

It's great that you believe in the quality but right now the ps3 is dead boring to me. I don't like to play any of their exclusives. Sure they look good but I don't watch DVDs for the special effects or features on the disk. Gamers like me only want the meat. We don't want a feature list unless it is all game play related.

I'm starting to feel like Sony just does understand what is fun to most gamers and will continue to seek relevance from the reviewers. These two are so out of touch with what all gamers want it is becoming comical.

With out hd graphic I really wonder where they would be right now.

Silver3602942d ago

Is a killer. Nintendo made the right choice. PS3 Best there is, but costing Sony money to sell them. 360 Profitable for 3 years, but MS still hurting from high entry price. And yet I still prefer the PS3 and 360, between them I really can do everything.

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2942d ago
turok2942d ago

... is all going towards R&D for the wii's successor and other stuff.