An HD DVD price cut moves the Xbox in line with the PS3

In a recent price comparison of which is the better bundle for the money. The PS3 has finally weighed in lighter on the pockets than its direct competitor the Xbox360. The debate starts following the new next-gen movie bundles. Here is a quote from the article.

"Every time I write about the comparative price of the Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3, people assault me for not mentioning the PS3's Blu-ray capability (I can't see why I should -- it matters not a whit to the games people play on the system). But let's do the price comparison now."

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the_round_peg3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Most consumers look at the entry price point, not the prices of the more expensive, soup-up models. Look at the Wii. Consumers are buying it like there's no tomorrow because it has the lowest entry price.

Most consumers do not want to buy a HD player. Most Xbox 360 buyer do not want to buy a HD player; and in fact, they do not. With Xbox 360, I can CHOOSE to not get a HD player and not pay for it because I do not want it. With PS3, I cannot; I have to pay for the Blu-ray HD component whether I want it or not. With PS3, I do not have a CHOICE. CHOICE is also very important when for consumers who are making buying decisions.

BLACKJACK VII3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

"If you're looking for a console and a next-gen movie player"

Well, I am not. Imagine this: I want a console that plays games & good games to go with it. I don't even watch dvd's on my Xbox360. This site does have a Tech section, all this BluRay vs. HD-DVD garbage needs 2B moved over there. I want to read about GAMES, not a format war that will be costly to consumers & early adopters. Next will be HVD vs. DLC - who cares ? GAMES & GAME related news in the Xbox360 thread please.

EDIT: "I want a console that plays games & good games to go with it"
Wow, it's easy to understand why the PS3 fanboys disagee with this statement ! LOL !!!

Cpt Qwark3979d ago

Sony should just price the ps3 at a $400 price point instead of this bundling crap

nice_cuppa3979d ago

the problem is what if you just want a console ?
ps3 has no cheaper option. you see ?

masterg3979d ago

It has no cheaper option because it requered HD to play Next Gen games with no space problems.

the_round_peg3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

And they don't require HD capacity.

If a game has a lot of pre-rendered cutscenes, then yeah, it'll need all the space it can get.

TheExecutive3979d ago

you are right... rehashing textures and environments is really next gen. A year from now we will see games that require hd capacity, no matter how anyone wants to spin it.

masterg3979d ago

Okay.. Was that the lamest price comparison ever?
PS3 = $499
360 + HDDVD = $578

Whoa thats some mad math skills.

jlemdon3979d ago

let's see facts of how much PS3 and 360 cost.

360:$249,$349+179 HD-DVD add on. 429,529 head set& remote w/pro free

PS3:500 60GB, 600 80GB remote=30,head set=30

PS3= $560,$660= free online

360=$429 core,$529 pro=$60 online

which price seems better. 360 point blank

ericbs3978d ago

People only disagree cause your right. I would report the article but the thing isnt working. The article makes it seem that the ps3 is the cheaper option but heres the thing:

Core+HD DVD<PS3 right?

The article used a 20GB instead of entry level 360 like they did with the ps3. So it makes the ps3 look cheaper.