Lost Planet 2 Review [GamingDead]

Kevin Roberson writes: "I have never encountered a game as noncompliant as Lost Planet 2. With no internet connection present, I had to tell it repeatedly that I wanted to play a single player campaign at which point it asked me how many other people would be joining me. I get it Lost Planet 2, you’re intended as a cooperative experience, but your downfall is that you need more than one person playing at a time to consider you entertainment.

I seem to remember Lost Planet 1 being your standard third person shooter with space marines shooting aliens. So why does Lost Planet 2 think it’s the next Left 4 Dead?"

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Darkfiber2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Wow, learn how to play video games, Jesus. I've seen so many people complain that they can't play it alone because they suck, yet I can beat every mission no problem on Extreme difficulty playing solo, figure that one out. Maybe you just, you know, suck, ever thought of that? This game was never intended to be easy, you're missing the point of it. And you can heal yourself by holding start, while moving, and you can use abilities to minimize the time and energy it takes to heal to almost nothing. There's no reason to die over and over unless you're an idiot.

Also, it's not the game's fault that the D pad on the 360 sucks.