Electronic Gaming Monthly Is Back

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), one of the most reputable and most popular magazines in the games industry, published its first issue since the magazine went under about a year ago. The verdict is – EGM is back and better than ever.

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SupaGamer2826d ago

It's funny that when I first started reading it Mortal Kombat was on the cover...the original MK.

himdeel2826d ago

...the mags to read when I was a youngster. I'm glad EGM is back :) Going to go ahead and get me a subscription.

pat_11_52826d ago

I graduated from Nintendo Power to EGM, not sure why I lost interest in Nintendo Power. It's still an entertaining magazine, I guess I just lost interest in Nintendo in general. Nintendo Power did have a pretty strong bias too.

morganfell2826d ago

yes they were the mags to read...back then. But saying EGM was one of the most reputable is an outright lie. Not from the time Dan Hsu took over, through objective game journalism out the door and then ran the mag into the ground before jumping from the train mere months before impact.

If anything, EGM has a great deal to prove.

Cheeseknight282826d ago

Yeah Nintendo Power had a pretty strong bias back in the day, but it's not too bad anymore. After all, they didn't even give Mario Galaxy 2 a perfect score.

Army_of_Darkness2826d ago

well, until I started to get into a thing called the internet;)

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pat_11_52826d ago

I thought the exact same thing, it was rather hilarious. When I saw it on the news stand I had to do a double take, I almost didn't believe that it sitting there. I secretly believed the plans to remake the magazine wouldn't end up working out.

8800gtx2826d ago

Awesome, my review is long over due.


RedPawn2826d ago

Don't forget to add GameFan as a great nostalgic Mag.

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knight6262826d ago

hmm when are the truthly back? i keep hearing they back but i keep seeing articles they coming back again are they coming back and leaving then coming back?

pat_11_52826d ago

They are back, check your local news stand. I was just as surprised as you probably are. I've heard for months about the return but haven't seen anything come from it until today.

You won't be disappointed, some of the best stuff I've read in months.

junkiegamer2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

o.k this guy better get his news right the rebirth issue was the street fighter issue.. is was sub titled the zombie issue.

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The story is too old to be commented.