All Points Bulletin to Run Ads Through Voice Chat

Realtime Worlds' All Points Bulletin (APB) will be released tomorrow with pre-order customers already causing chaos in the crime-filled massively-multiplayer shooter and/or socializing game. The game has a unique payment structure, which allows players to buy blocks of hours to play in the game's 'Action Districts' -- where all the shooting happens -- or simply purchase a monthly subscription.

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SuperStrokey11232794d ago

Pay to play the game then pay to not have them spam you with adds on the VOIP? Is this a joke? Next thing you know they will have their own "gold" farmers in the game.

Faelan2793d ago

Seems like companies will do anything to shove ads down our throat these days while praising the "It's free!" mantra. If only that was really true...

sloth33952793d ago

if you have to hear ads because you dont want to pay every month to play online then thats fine but dont complain about it