Naughty Bear - Halo 3 Parody

XXLGaming writes, "So we all probably remember the Halo 3 trailer "Believe" but for those of you that do not, I have included it below. 505 Games has been releasing many parody trailers featuring their new game "Naughty Bear" which arrives in on June 29th."

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wiggles2859d ago

It's to bad that it sounds like this game is a looked interesting...maybe a bargain bin one day...

rwallace2859d ago

I am writing a review right now and honestly I am not exactly sure how to take the game or even write the review..LOL! Not a bad game, but not a AAA title either. Its different, lets put it that way. The traielrs are fantastic though.

Cajun Chicken2859d ago

My mate just rented this. He returned it in an hour and luckily could swap it for another game.

rwallace2859d ago

LOL! Yeah, as said...Its different.....LOL! More of a score board whore game than anything. Interesting moments in it, but

Convas2859d ago

Definitely buying it. Not full price though, because it's obviously not even worth $50, but I am not giving up on this one. It MUST join my collection!

rwallace2859d ago

I would suggest to people to at least give it a try. If one is unsure they should rent it at the very least. Worth $50? No, as Clizzz mentioned, but still an interesting game. Still playing it to try and determine final thoughts and scores for the review. But at times I do sit here and scratch my head wondering what is this game really all about??? LOL!

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The story is too old to be commented.