Peter Molyneux Talks Fable 3 DLC, Kinect Use and... Taking Valium

UGO: At last week's E3, the beloved game designer talks about what to expect in Fable 3 and how he takes the edge off of fan comments.

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wiggles2918d ago

"but if there was something about Kinect in Fable 3, I will say I think it should be a substantial thing and not a gimmick"

That's not exactly taking the edge off....just saying that he doesn't want it to be a gimmick item...which is respectable

N4GAddict2918d ago

Kinect should be optional not a requirement.

Kalowest2918d ago

Well, The features not added into Fable3, will make it into Fable 4

ASSASSYN 36o2918d ago

Damn this game for coming out near fallout... again!

SOAD2918d ago

"We have this thing called a business partnership, so if you don't want... I'm sorry to use this word because I know Americans hate the word "sex," but if you don't want to have sex, then you can adopt children."

The majority of the world's porn comes from the San Fernando Valley. The richest pornstar in the world is an American celebrity known as Jenna Jameson. Utah, a state thought to be dominated by Mormonism, is the number one viewer of internet porn in the country.

It's not that Americans don't like sex, Peter. It's that Americans don't really like pointless sexual scenes in films and games purely for the sake of sexual gratuity disguised under the broadened cloak of "art."


I'm prett sure he was talking of how americans don't like to use the WORD ''sex'' in any unrelated content, not that Americans don't like sex itself.

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