Top 5 Exclusive PS3 Trailers

With the competition for the top 5 playstation 3 trailers we evaluated reader response, graphical content, player useability and most important of all "likeability". With the current crop of playstation 3 game trailers , action and graphical content are in abundance,fully showing the capability of the PS3 console's grunt.
All trailers show the full extent taken by game designers and their willingness to incorporate the latest engines available with maximum output of gameplay and user ability. All of the trailers are not necessarily exclusive to PS3

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DiLeCtioN3924d ago

Kindgom Hearts 3
White Knight Story
Killzone 2
FFxiii vs Xii
Eight Days
oh i could add more but 5 should do

Frulond3924d ago

since GTAIV is not a PS3 exclusive

DTClown3924d ago

Nice typo people. It's only the most talked about game for the last 2 years, get the name right.

hotshot12373924d ago

stupid sometime. i had said i could see metal gear ONLINE going 2 360 since there 2 seperate games and u dont need hardcore fans 2 sell the game and u it wouldnt take a year to 2 years to remake it on 360. then some xbox fan says haha lookin forward 2 playin METAL GEAR SOLID 4 ON 360. and i knew i said the online but there so freakin stupid. god! lol

LeonSKennedy4Life3924d ago

You're talking about gamers that bought an ENTIRE system for ONE GAME. If they think Halo is the end-all-be-all of have quite a fight on your hands. It's like explaining the PS3 to someone that has a hard time keeping up with Pac-man.

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