The one thing Crackdown 3 needs (+ crackdown 2 demo impressions)

From The Hotbox: "The demo for crack down 2 was released last week and as expected it felt a lot like crackdown 1.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, Crackdown was an fun game. It had some of the best 3D platforming since Mario 64, it pioneered the notion of verticality in third person shooters. The ‘leveling’ of your skills had a much larger, more visible impact than in RPG’s and other action titles that shoe-horned in RPG elements. I don’t have to mention the orbs, probably one of the best use of collectibles in gaming. All that, and online co-op to boot.

Crack down 2 seems to take all those elements and improve on them....."
Author: Illogyk

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omi25p2918d ago

crackdown 2 is a brilliantly fun game, but it would be awsome if you could pick up a 4x4 and launch it through the side of a building. Then the building falls onto a huge group of freaks. would be awsome

mikeslemonade2917d ago

How about better graphics? The graphics for Crackdown 2 is unacceptable considering it's a full price game. Not only is it the graphics. The physics and the animations look like a PS2 game.

002917d ago

Crackdown 3 would be awesome with 8 player co-op, one could dream.

Thrillhouse2917d ago

I honestly do not care about Crackdown 2's graphics, because I play video games for FUN. Crackdown and Crackdown 2's demo provided me with some of the most fun co-op action in this gen for me.

Definite buy.

earbus2917d ago

Great demo alot of zombies to punch or beat with a light post its a shame ps3 fans dont get to play this to see graphics dont make a game great the devs done well with the old engine if it goes well it will evolve overtime with a new destruction engine some underwater secret levels mini subs rogue agents contracted to hunt you even more power .

lzim2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

but that's one the things IDK why they want Zombies and not enemies who can stand toe to toe with you. Granted once you've leveled to 5 in strength you get the 'agile' hunter freaks that spit killer acid... they go down in a couple of melee hits and never really get close enough to melee you. Shouldn't the game have more deadly enemies without rely so heavily on them just swarming you?

:3 so in addition to having the chopper upgrade into an attack jet, it should also be able to dive into the water!? reminds me of GunMetal, that would indeed kick ass. They'd need more kinetic weapons for underwater and possibly an agile robot shark-submarine.