22 games that didn't get great review scores, but are still worth playing

Matt Cundy of Gamesradar writes "Last week I did a little article called 'Would you buy a game that scored 7 out of 10 or lower?' Plenty of you responded to the question in the affirmative. Which was nice to see. And you also suggested a heap of games that failed to reach the dizzy heights of 8, 9 and 10 out 10 greatness, but still had some enjoyable, entertaining qualities."

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NastyLeftHook2915d ago

dark sector. to all of the people who have not played it, its really awesome. also call of juarez bound in blood.

HolyOrangeCows2915d ago

There are some good ones:
-Dark Sector
-Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Not games that I'd pay full price for, but they're still great as far as bargain bin games are concerned.

I don't know about Two Worlds, though, lol.

skip2mylou2915d ago

two worlds sucks i got it at target for 5$ i was deeply disappointed in the game

SOAD2915d ago


You were disappointed with a game you paid 5 bucks for? Maybe you were expecting too much.

doctorspakles2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Perhaps it is time(not just money) wasted that some people factor into their satisfaction level. For me a game has to be worth my time as well as money, or I don't feel that it was worth it.

skip2mylou2915d ago

@soad i was expecting it to be better than what i got when i played the game

HammockGames2915d ago

Amputating limbs with the boomerang of doom (glaive?) combined with competent gunplay, a solid cover system, and a sci-fi horror angle = a pretty nifty combo. You can find it cheap, too. Just don't expect it to break any new ground.

Call of Juarez was enjoyable, too. The only thing that annoyed me were the duels (not all that difficult, just not well done IMHO).

Shepherd 2142915d ago

Turok was really good too. Didnt live up to the N64 versions, but it was damn good fun to stab dinosaurs and and soldiers with the knife and pinning people to trees with the bow was satisfying too.

JoySticksFTW2914d ago

simple fun, great action sequences

I mean, the guy surfs a missile...

Theonetheonly2914d ago

Know lost planet 2 scored so low. WHAT? happened?

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dirthurts2915d ago

One of my favorite games of all time.
I'll never understand why it got less than a 90.

The Great Melon2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Dark Sector was a nice little surprise. I thought horrible after seeing stacks of the games at Fry's, but it turned out pretty well. Not much story to it, but it plays really well. The glaive was quite rewarding.

XactGamer2915d ago

Shadowrun, Bionic Commando, Dark Sector, Kane & Lynch, Force Unleashed and Infamous are all very underrated IMO. IF you load up Shaodwrun right now you will find thousands of people still playing.

Raoh2915d ago

i agree with dark sector being a good game... on the ps3 side it did an ok job with sixaxis..

it wasnt great.. but it was damn good

mobijoker2914d ago

Dark sector was majestic.Call of juarez is damn good and alpha protocol is awesome.Great article!

stiggs2914d ago

I picked up Dark Sector for only $8.00. This game far exceeded my expectations and may be the best bargain title available at the moment.

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T9X692915d ago

50 Cent Blood On The Sand, I don't care what anyone says that game was some damn good dumb fun. Story sucked unbelievably, but the gameplay was fun as hell.

Baltis2915d ago

Dark Sector has some of the best graphics this gen, which is surprising because the game sucks pretty bad overall. Very generic. The textures, lighting and shadows are among the best of the best, though.

Cajun Chicken2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I want;

Dark Sector
Dark Void
maybe Bionic Commando

This is the kind of games I would get Ex-Rental without a proper box for about a tenner. I have no shame in doing that. I mainly want Dark Void though.

The Great Melon2915d ago

I really got into Dark Sector, but Fracture was just frustrating. It just didn't control well whereas Dark Sector made shooting (or throwing) fun. It's a shame, the terrain manipulation of Fracture sounded cool, but after the first level I was disappointed.

Lombax2914d ago

As a big fan of platformers (and I know you are too) I found the swinging mechanic to be frikin awesome. The story is utter crap but the gameplay is sweet. I picked it up a Kmart for $10 the other week and platinumed it. Best bargan game I've bought since picking up Beyond Good & Evil for $15.

halojunkie2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )


1. he has this boomerang that has blades on it, you throw can mofo and slice away the enemys

2. you get basic weapons, guns, ak, rocket launcher,

3. awesome enemys that really are original.

4. you get differant sectors, example: lightning, and so on and so forth.

5. the ps3 version used with sixaxis you can control the sector(using the sixaxis device) chopping people up. its a great game, and its $10.00 used at!

The Great Melon2915d ago

I owned the PS3 version and loved the glaive control. I would say I spent most of the game using that rather than the guns. It was just fun to use.

HammockGames2915d ago

One of my favorite weapons this gen. Especially once you get the power to light it on fire, make it explode, electrocute, etc.

A lot of enjoyment to be had for a small sticker price.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a sequel.