DualShockers: Spec Ops: The Line E3 2010 Impressions

DualShockers writes, "One of the titles that took me by surprise and had Deputy Editor Joel Taveras excited before E3 2010 was 2K Games’ Spec Ops: The Line. I had a chance to watch a live play-through of the title with Producer Greg Kasavin and Associate Producer Chris Thomas feeding us tidbits of information in between the game’s heavy narration which serves to give the game an identity quite nicely. In the opening cinematic to the game soldiers are helping out an injured soldier who is down, but not out.

The game is set in a futuristic Dubai city which is thought to be deserted and turns into a stage for war with crossfire and planned chaos becoming the major theme early on. After a destructive series of sand storms leaving the terrain barren, you are in a world that is post-apocalyptic and get the sense that every person you might ally with or kill plays some deep part in your survival..."

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Ninferno2855d ago

i want to try this game myself!!

Hitman07692855d ago

I really was not sure what to expect with such a diluted genre. This game went out of its way to be unique though and I enjoyed what I saw so far. I also await trying it myself.

thevokillist2855d ago

This game actually sounds like it would be pretty schweet!

booni32855d ago

i want to try it also and the remaining wait is more than six months :0

T9X692855d ago

Wow this looks nothing like any Spec Ops I've seen before, but still looks pretty sick. Hopefully there will be a demo or something so people can try it out.

Hitman07692855d ago

I was also wondering if this has any relation to the PS One Spec Ops games. I believe that is not the case here. Nonetheless it looks pretty great, especially if you favor single player story-focus games.

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The story is too old to be commented.