PushSquare: Naughty Bear on PlayStation 3 Review

PushSquare: "There’s a part of us that wants to tell you Naughty Bear is amazing. The unique, charming concept of the scorned anti-hero, Naughty Bear, is one that’s drawn everybody in. Sadly its ideas are under-developed and, at times, just down-right confusing. There’s a glint of an amazing idea hidden beneath the fluff of Naughty Bear’s rough exterior, it just doesn’t quite fall together in a cohesive manner."

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Neo Nugget2915d ago

Maybe I shouldn't be mad that Gamefly didn't ship my copy today :P

Nitrowolf22915d ago

yeah dude i canceled my order and got 3D dot heroes today instead
totally worth the trade up

despair2915d ago

out of 4 review?

on topic:

yea didn't exactly expect much from this game, but lowest score by more than one reviewer says alot.

DarkTower8052915d ago

I still want to play it, but I'll wait for the bargain bin.

Mista T2915d ago

what they should of done was make it a 2d side scroller to compete with Mario and the likes of Nintendo

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The story is too old to be commented.