Take-Two CEO Admits BioShock 2 Not a Rousing Success

Kombo: Speaking to VentureBeat at E3, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder admitted that BioShock 2 wasn't "hugely successful."

"It was ultimately successful, but not hugely successful," he said. "We are also looking forward to other hits coming this year."

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jaredhart2890d ago

It didn't do that poorly. It was a stretch to return to rapture after the first game though.

SupaGamer2890d ago

Good game but despite the multiplayer, the first one was superior.

BakedGoods2890d ago

Yeah, Bioshock was a good one-game. Too bad they made a sequel so quickly. If they gave it 4-5 years it would have been an exciting release.

mrv3212890d ago

Maybe you shouldn't have made one? You know like just left the original to simmer and collect more ideas before releasing a sequel for me it seemed to soon.

arakouftaian2890d ago

and the games is
super hyped
super repetitve
bad arcade controls
not scary
fells old gen
plus you have so many guns features but you cant use the
becase you are limitated, why to put a limit to the only fun part of the game?
its not hardcore the limitations in this game are is silly and take away the fun.

once im done i will trade it ar craiglist
and belive me i cant wait to trade it.

xbox fans overhype this pc arcade repetitve game.

SOAD2890d ago

The first one is amazing.

Rucury2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Someone had a bad bowl of Rapture this morning...

XactGamer2890d ago

"xbox fans overhype this pc arcade repetitve game" it's on PS3 too and since when are PC gamers Xbox fans?

Big Frank2890d ago


LOL you're an idoit. I love it when PS3 trolls make idiots of themselves.

arakouftaian2890d ago

the 1 one was over hype by xbox and pc fanboys
i never play it but im sure part 2 was more of the same.
i dont care on dyeing on this game since i will respanw in a sec
so the way the game is set up is retarded there no point.

i just test the online and it was ok something fress but not

and if you think that the game is not
over repetitive then you are the retarded here not me.
and the only fun part of the game using diferent combinations
of gun and powers are very limited its just plain retarded.

this game is ok but not a goty just one more arcade shooting
with nice powers but limited wich makes it retarded .

and the art is nice but the grafics are outdated .
the ai is outdated, the way the game is set up is outdated.

but dont hate on me i never said the game is bad but for sure is not good.

how did part 1 got goty? lol

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Lou-Cipher2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I guess I was the only one who thought the 2nd game was as good as the 1st if not better.

I didn't think the 1st game deserved such high scores, but still liked both games.

Imperator2890d ago

The game was as good gameplay wise (IMO), but it just didn't have that wow factor that the first one had. Personally, I enjoyed it and felt my 60 dollars were justified.

arakouftaian2890d ago

it reminds me to bioshok but rage looks like a real next gen game and it look fun

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The story is too old to be commented.