Gamers by Nature: You could build a gaming PC for as little as $430 today!

Branchedout At Gamers by Nature writes: "Okay, you see comments that computer gaming is cheaper by far! While for single player, this is true (as many games do not have local play. But pretty much all have online play, which is the preferred way as of this generation) because games are usually $10 cheaper NEW, Steam has plenty of amazing sales unlike anything consoles have seen. And upgrading is NOT expensive. 5 years from now you’ll pick up a new video card. IF you want to play the newest games on HIGH. It’s something to consider!" Though do be warned, he urges you to do research on the subject before diving into it.

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Al Bundy2939d ago

This should debunk the myth that it cost $2,000 to build a gaming PC.

8800gtx2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Ouch that gpu would run circles around me, the massacre would be worse then what i can do with hardware marketed as next gen.


XxRoosterxX2939d ago

loser pretends to an out-dated video card?

MexicanAppleThief2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

My guess would be that he is trying to convince console owners to be PC owners. Truth be told, I'd doubt they'd be interested.

I myself was going to make a gaming rig because of Valve games on PC, but now they annouced that they are coming to the PS3. No point really to invest hundreds of $/£ just to play a few games in higher rez and frames imo.

evrfighter2939d ago


Have fun with that. You never really read into what steamplay is have you?
It's not steam.

MexicanAppleThief2939d ago

I know what Steam is, and what Steamworks is.

What I was trying to say was that if Valve is making Portal 2 for the PS3, other games like the Left 4 Dead Franchise, Half Life etc would obviously follow. Why so much diagrees for my earlier comment?

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Newtype2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

A low end gaming PC would be cheap, a high end would be 2,000+. O.C RAM is like $500 if you were to get about 24GB (Corsair Dominators). A SSD (Intel x25 or OCZ) (A fast one) for fast boot up times would be around $800-1000 (depending upon if you get 40GB or 256GB). A high end GPU in xfire or SLI would be around 1.5k-2k (5970 or 480 fermi). Mobo would be $150-300. (ASUS mobo with USB 3.0, or EVGA with 3 way SLI.) A SATA 3.5 would be pretty cheap, 2TB for like $150. A high end Lian-Li Full tower would be like $400-500. PSU would be like $220 (750-1000 WATT). OS for like Windows 7 Ultimate would be like $300. Monitor 24', 1200p would be like 150-300. (1200p IS GOOD for high resolution games) Or you can use your TV. A high end Intel CPU would be around $300-999. (i7 860-980x) Opti drives are cheap, $50-100.

High end IS expensive.

DJKGBYF2939d ago

All you did was go and list the most expensive parts you can buy. I've never spent that much on a PC and I don't know anyone that has.

SOAD2939d ago

24 gigs of RAM would be expensive, yes. If you were to build a rig that matches PS3 specs, would you need 24 gigs of RAM?

iamgoatman2939d ago

You'd have to have more money than sense to buy something like that.

Sensible high end isn't exactly cheap, but It's not as ridiculous as what you posted. If you want to be nuts, that's nothing, I remember playing around on the Alienware site putting together a PC which totaled £16,000+, but would it have given a different gaming experience over a PC 1/16th of that price? Not really, no.

Posting the most expensive hardware you can doesn't justify that high end has to be incredibly expensive.

STONEY42939d ago

Whoever agreed with this guy is dumb. This guy just posted the most expensive stuff he could find. And he pulls prices out of his arse.

"O.C RAM is like $500 if you were to get about 24GB (Corsair Dominators)"

6GB is more than enough, and Corsair RAM imo costs more than it's worth. 6GB DDR3 RAM doesn't even hit the $300 mark.

"A SSD (Intel x25 or OCZ) (A fast one) for fast boot up times would be around $800-1000 (depending upon if you get 40GB or 256GB)."

At this point, HDDs boot up fast enough, SSDs aren't necessary at all. And even 40GB SSDs don't cost that much, try more like $125-150. Btw, still overpriced.

"A high end GPU in xfire or SLI would be around 1.5k-2k (5970 or 480 fermi)."

Ugh, even those 2 cards SLId or Crossfired wouldn't cost that much, plus 5770s are way more than enough for anything today, and cost not even a tenth of the price you listed.

"Mobo would be $150-300. (ASUS mobo with USB 3.0, or EVGA with 3 way SLI."

USB 3.0 isn't coming anywhere near as universal as 2.0 right now, and 3 way SLI motherboards are pointless since 3 cards result in microstuttering most of the time. Unless you have an I7, motherboards don't cost that much.

"A high end Lian-Li Full tower would be like $400-500."

Lian-Lis are overpriced, and they don't even cost THAT much. Antec 1200s and HAF 932s cost less than half of that, and are the most popular and widely regarded best full-tower cases for high-end rigs.

"OS for like Windows 7 Ultimate would be like $300."

Once again, random numbers. W7 Ultimate is $170-200, not $300. And, once again, it's not necessary.

"Monitor 24', 1200p would be like 150-300. (1200p IS GOOD for high resolution games)"

One place where you're somewhat correct on the price, but you don't know about PC gaming if you're calling it 1200p. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS P ON PC. It's simply 1920x1200, because we don't have the progressive/interlacing thing going on. It's also almost the same as 1920x1080, but at a different aspect ratio.

"A high end Intel CPU would be around $300-999. (i7 860-980x)"

Overclock a I7 920, voila, you have a CPU that make the more expensive models look like a ripoff (because they are). And that costs less than $300.

"Opti drives are cheap, $50-100."

More like $20.

"High end IS expensive."

My computer would be considered high-end (I7 920, 2 GTX275s in SLI, 6GB DDR3) and it definitely wasn't $2000+, not even with the price of the OS and 28 inch monitor included.

GrilledCheeseBook2939d ago

no games would need that
seeing as games don't even use a full 4gb of ram; why buy 24GB
most cases over $150 are just for the aesthetics
windows 7 ultimate isn't aimed at gamers
an SSD gives almost no benefit to games as with USB 3.0
the most expensive Intel cpu's are always overpriced by hundreds of dollars

what you picked is overkill in every aspect outside of the Monitor

dirthurts2939d ago

You just made yourself look ridiculous. No one in the right mind would blow all that money on a gaming pc. You wouldn't even see the difference in performance past 4gb of ram (may 6, pushing it).
SSD not needed, just for impatient people (I'll admit I have one though).

TheIneffableBob2939d ago

I'm building a new computer for college right now. Gonna need the extra processing power.

Core i7-930, HD 5870, 6GB DDR3, ASUS X58 mobo, Corsair 750W, 1TB Samsung F3, Lian-Li PC-9F.

That's pretty high end as far as I'm concerned, and it's "only" around $1,000.

jakethesnake2938d ago

Calling that a 'High End PC' is like calling a stadium jumbotron a high end TV. What you just described there is only a few pegs below a super computer. Anyone who spends that much money on a gaming computer deserves to be poor.

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JsonHenry2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

The 8800GTX video card alone is more powerful than the PS3 or 360 AND has faster/double the RAM. Outdated? Yes. But can play everything out currently maxed @ at least 1280*1024 (native) which is a higher rez than your consoles.

And there is a difference between high end and mainstream. The point is even the mainstream lower cost PC can provide MORE uses and better gaming fidelity than consoles currently can.

Xfanboy2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

ok how can I explain this??

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This was not joke!!

karan86242939d ago

Mine cost $2,300

Worth it though, I wont have to upgrade for year and years. And when I do, Ill just get another GPU, go crossifre and Ill be good for another few years. Then add some RAM, 2 years more. Nah mean?

Trroy2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Where is the keyboard, mouse, and high rez monitor in that price?

How about a copy of Windows 7?

PC Speakers?

cheap USB kb ($20)
cheap USB mouse ($15)
(lets pretend you have a decent monitor)
Windoze 7 Upgrade ($160)
(Cheap PC Speakers ($50) -- lets assume u have)

That's looking like $625 now, assuming you've got a monitor and PC speakers, and you owned a copy of Win XP or later too. Last time I checked, that's over 2x the cost of a PS3, and that's assuming you're fine with built-in motherboard sound (which often sucks).

What a silly article/comparison.

SOAD2939d ago

most people already have the mouse, the keyboard, the speakers, etc.

those are superfluous costs.

Trroy2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

And how about the OS? You know, the major expense -- the one that's legally licensed for just one PC.

@SOAD (below):

I think any machine even capable of running Windows 7 decently would qualify as a "gaming machine" by nature. So.. you'd already have one, if that was the case.

Building a PC is fricking expensive for someone who doesn't have a clue, or spare parts, which is the majority. Even maintaining a PC costs a truckload, if you don't know how to do it yourself... again, the majority.

Console gaming is cheaper, simpler, better suited to the masses. Hell, even I hate installing a game and playing it on a tiny screen, with a desk for KB+mouse, when I have a couch and giant LCD TV, and I'm a computer pro.

Console games also have higher resale value. There is no way PC gaming is even as remotely as cheap.

Couch + cheapness + big TV + controller >> PC gaming, for the vast, vast majority.

SOAD2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Reinstall the OS using the disc from your last rig.

Windows 7 premium comes with 3 licenses. That means you can install the OS onto three rigs.

The most basic version has one license, but if you call MS they re-active your license if you explain to them the situation.

See? It's not that hard. All this bullshit about the cost of building a PC is FUD that is spread by ignorant morons who would rather a shady company hold their hands and charge them more money and who I wouldn't trust to set a microwave timer.


"I think any machine even capable of running Windows 7 decently would qualify as a "gaming machine" by nature."

My netbook runs win 7 home premium very well, and does not qualify as a gamin PC.

ruiner44822939d ago

If you read the article you would see it addresses that at a cost of $26.00

GrilledCheeseBook2939d ago

yet a pc can do much more than a ps3 and the games are cheaper

you don't just game on a pc

if you ask about monitor, speakers then you would have to add in the price of an HDTV and sound system.

SaiyanFury2939d ago

@ Trroy

Me and my wife bought a Sony Vaio laptop last year. Just today I installed Oblivion on it to gauge it's performance. It's actually not too bad. It processes the game pretty well considering it's just a laptop. My PC far out-performs it, but seeing how well our laptopl can process Oblivion, it's pretty good. A decent PC doesn't cost very much to process 3D graphics.

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hoops2939d ago

Al Bundy it won't. You will still have people saying it will cost 2 g's or more to build a PC even with evidence like this

Imperator2939d ago

PC gaming is awesome. I just bought the THQ pack on steam, 20 something games for 50 bucks. And they're quality games to so it's a steal.

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HolyOrangeCows2939d ago

"This is an Alienware Desktop Pc.
Never buy one"
LOL, I love the intro.

"$430 assumes you can find your own DVD drive, or go without one, can get an old harddrive from another computer, AND have a copy of Windows already. Also, it assumes you have a monitor"
"That rounds out to about $535"
"I apologize to you guys for the misleading title, though."

I was going to build a PC back in spring, but when I found out about the Bioshock 2 and BF:BC2 DRM, it was a real 1, 2 punch to the face.
Make the DRM and Steam tether go away and I'll be a PC gamer. Just stop screwing the legit customers. Let me own my game and not be limited and held down by the publishers.

eggbert2939d ago

is they often have very good deals.

HolyOrangeCows2939d ago

Still, I don't like the idea of my purchases being tethered to a company. I want to buy a product and not have to verify it when I play or redownload it. Not at any price.

Imperator2939d ago

True becuase what happens if Steam goes out of business (which they obviously won't, but just hypothetically), would you loose all those games?

evrfighter2939d ago


you can burn your games to disc if you want.

jjesso19932939d ago

Steam is best thing that ever happen to pc gaming $430 to could easily build a pc with dvd drive dvd drive cost avout $19.99 on amazon. windows easy to get your hands on oem copy. even did spend $535 looking steam sales this week you saving about grand on games.

Imperator2939d ago

Yep, Heck, with 125 bucks you can buy the SE-Eidos Pack and the THQ pack. That's around 50 games (most of them pretty good), or 1000 dollars worth of games.

TheIneffableBob2939d ago

What's wrong with Bad Company 2's DRM? It seems very lenient to me. It lets you activate online and not have to have the disc in the drive to play. You also get 10 activations before having to request more which is more than most people need.

I don't remember BioShock 2's DRM but I don't remember it bothering me.

Gran Touring2939d ago

Well it's a functional rig, but don't expect much out a 3.2 ghz dual or 2gb RAM (even if it is @1333mhz) While you could certainly handle Bad Company 2, Arkham Asylum or COD 4/MW2 in good shape, don't even think about trying to play games like GTA4 or Assassin's Creed 1/2.

JsonHenry2939d ago

My old PC was a 8800GTS 640meg, AM2 6000+, and 8gigs of RAM. VERY similiar to this rig and I could easily play GTA4 and Assassin's Creed MAXED.

SOAD2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Lies. GTA4 is an unoptimized turd on PC. NASA can't run it. jk

iamgoatman2939d ago

"but don't expect much out a 3.2 ghz dual"

Most games still only use 2 cores, and although games that are properly optimised for quads are becoming more frequent, it's not like a dual is going to be unplayable, especially at that clock.

I'm running an Intel E8400 c2d, OC to 3.9Ghz, only played a couple of games that had a CPU bottleneck, and normally only a small FPS drop with LOTS of AI on screen. The only game I can think of that you may have a hard time running on a dual is GTA4, but that's because it was coded by a bunch of retards.

Also funny how you say you could handle games like BC2 but not Assassins Creed, considering BC2 IS optimised for quads, and AC isn't and is a piece of cake to run.

Gran Touring2939d ago

I had an E8400 running @ 3.6ghz stable on air for about a year, until I upgraded to a Q9550. Before I did, I had to downclock the processor (and re-clock my RAM) and at 3.0ghz, I had a hard time playing with an acceptable, stable frame rate. I understand you're running C2D at a high overclock, but having a quad-core or higher multi-thread processor today is the way to go. All the tech forums will tell you the same.

I don't know; maybe I've been spoiled by having my games run at high refresh rates on high settings/resolutions. But if I wanted to play my games at 720p 30 frames a second, maybe I would have got Batman, Bad Company or Ass. Creed for console. GTA 4, as poorly coded as it is, for me is running on highest settings at 1920X1080 at 40-60 frames. (Not the benchmark)

iamgoatman2939d ago

I don't doubt that a quad is the way to go, but my point was the dual core mentioned in the article is easily enough for the PC in question.

As for your past experiences, unless the game is actually optimised to use quad cores, and very few are, having a quad won't magically boast or smooth out your frame rates. Something like a Q6600 will actually perform worse compared to a E8400 if both are at stock speeds, if the game doesn't make use of the extra 2 cores that is.

I'll probably pick up a cheap Q9650 of ebay at the end of this year myself, as more games are using quads (some better than others), and although my C2D does the job fine for now, I don't want to bottleneck my 5850 in the future. Like you said, I like 1080p, 60FPS and lots of glorious AA.

Mista T2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

so with the graphics card he showed, can you run crysis on max settings with it?

edit: so if someone could find a graphics card on newegg that can run crysis on max with 60fps but for a good price that would be great :)

XxRoosterxX2939d ago

if you care about framerates.

jjesso19932939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

4850 can easily run cryis at maybe at 3rd grahpics mode i thinks gamer mode and you will get 30fps at 1080p with quad core amd 2-4gb ram

rams not terrible buts its not good depends usage

i have at the momment

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T

£120 over weekend as the compyter shop round where live had to be shut down and he had ordered a 9 and had get rid might sell as i only really care about gaming and diffrence is little

6gb drr3 ram 1600mhz corsair bargain from play in dec £60

coolermaster case

5750 £109 novatech

my pc cost £352 in december and have only upgraded the the processor becuase of bargain I know lot people that spent more on hardware on the 360 than i have on my pc and get 10 times better performace and games.

Newtype2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

gunbound on it, or Starcraft I.

AMD or Intel?

Also, the RAM and mobo he used sucks. Crap will die.

Edit: Why did you get the 6 core Phenom? AMD has a bottleneck.

@Mista T
Get a 5870, good price and can handle Crysis 2.

jjesso19932939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

amd are find for games intel just tend to be very overpriced these days they change sockets alot its really not worth little extra in gaming the amd six core processor dose help in compression and converting and making micro hd movies and stuff for me. and gives boost in frames in certain games and makes gta run amazing. its performace is compareable to some of the i7's acording to certain reviews. it dose sell for £250 so i did get bargain i could not refuse.


thats what i do i started of making little profit but me and mates are making good £1500 profit a month to share not bad with EMA and part time job on the go.

ruiner44822939d ago

My brother has an asrock mobo and that thing has been running strong for a few years. He has a cheap build like the one in the article, maybe not as cheap but certainly not over $750 bucks.

JsonHenry2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

The point is that even running medium-high settings at 1280*1024 is a better visual feast than what the consoles provide.

Asking if it can play Crysis maxed does nothing for the argument as the consoles sure as hell can't do it.

@newtype - I've had two ASRock MBs over the years and they are still going strong with the people I sell my old rigs to. Also I don't know what you are talking about AMD having a bottleneck problem. The i7 only beats it by a hair in gaming applications and costs a couple hundred bucks more.

Mista T2939d ago

would the ATI Radeon HD 5770 be good?

hoops2939d ago

Good card for the money Mista T.
DX11 capable and eyefinity support of 3 monitors. Will run almost every game out at [email protected]+fps with some sort of AA.

STONEY42939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

I'll tell you right now that it won't get you 60fps+ on Crysis maxed, you'll get around 30 at a good resolution, but you don't get a card like that just for Crysis, right? Pretty much any other game, you'll be maxing out like a breeze at over 60fps. And Crysis is one of those games that looks very smooth even at 30fps, probably has to do with the motion blur. A 5870 (if you have the money though) would bring you alot closer to the desired framerates though.

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Skynetone2939d ago

hell they might even give you a free game for your 500 pounds

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