G4tv: Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boon Interview

He might look like a seventh-grade science teacher, but Ed Boon is an industry legend, and is responsible for creating the violently iconic fighting franchise Mortal Kombat. Boon and his team at Warner Bros. Interactive are hard at work on the next installment in the storied series, aptly titled Mortal Kombat. Longtime MK fans will find plenty of old-school flavor here (oh, and lots and lots of gruesome fatalities and rivers of blood).

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2826d ago

I was taking a game design course in college last year and a GD came to our class to discuss how to break into the industry. After telling us that he hates EA and Midway cuz they both tried to screw him some years ago he told us how he almost created a game with the artist from MK. They were having some problems deciding wat the game should be about ( I believe an idea about Clorox products was thrown around.) Eventually The GD (Emil Harmsen) just left without warning and the guy got mad and told him he was gonna tell everyone in the game industry not to work with Emil lol.

Anyway not too long ago Emil started his own company "forever interactive". They are currently developing an mmo for PC. grafx are still in pre alpha but you can check it out at

Just thought that was a funny story =P